Empowering Progress: The Rising Force of Women Entrepreneurs in North Macedonia

On Centre-stage: Some prominent Women Entrepreneurs from the Republic of North Macedonia

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North Macedonia boasts some of the most amazing landscapes and historical cities in all of the Balkan countries. In the dynamic landscape of North Macedonia’s business scene, women entrepreneurs are making significant strides – primarily carving their niche in personal care services and artisanal ventures.

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The Ministry of Economy has taken a proactive stance by adopting the “Strategy for Development of Female Entrepreneurship in the Republic of Macedonia, 2019 – 2023.” Developed in collaboration with the Gender Task Force – Sustainable Growth Initiative and the Association of Businesswomen in Macedonia, this strategy focuses on the multifaceted challenges faced by women entrepreneurs. It also addresses structural, economic, and socio-cultural obstacles, presenting a roadmap with long-and medium-term goals.

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The strategic priorities outlined in the plan dwells on creating a conducive business environment, providing systemic support, developing infrastructure, and focusing on promotion, networking and advocacy. Here we present some promising women entrepreneurs as we unravel the narratives of resilience, innovation, and success that define the journey of women entrepreneurs in North Macedonia.

> Katerina Trajchevska- Co-Founder & CEO, Adeva

Katerina is not only a highly skilled entrepreneur in the Macedonian business scene but she is also an advocate for equality and inclusivity. She is focused on giving back to the community as an ambassador for the Women in Tech Global Movement, and a mentor in different programs and initiatives.

She was a software developer in two organizations before she moved on to set up her own company – Adeva, where she currently leads as a CEO. To elaborate, it is an exclusive developers’ network that partners with companies to scale their engineering teams on demand and connect organizations with distributed tech talent across the world.

> Vlora Ademi, Co-Founder & CEO, Digicube

Vlora Ademi is a seasoned business leader, backed by 15+ years of experience in diverse business sectors. She was a Vice President of the Economic Chamber of North-west Macedonia as well as a Senior Consultant for the SME Finance & Development Group at EBRD, where she supported small and medium-sized businesses to grow and hit success.

Currently, she serves as the CEO of Digicube, a startup she co-founded. It operates in the digital marketing sector – offering diverse services to increase productivity and generate sales. She is widely recognized for her expertise in education digital transformation and is dedicated to driving innovation and growth in the Balkans’ business scene.

> Daniela Arsovska, Mayor of Skopje / Former President, Macedonian Chambers of Commerce

Daniela Arsovska is indeed a name to reckon with in North Macedonia, because in 2021 she became the first woman elected as a Mayor of Skopje since the country’s independence. Her rich experience expands over 15 years of management experience in the private sector and more than 10 years of expertise in International Investment Law. So, her varied and diverse business experience especially led her to create a guiding the path for other women from North Macedonia.

In her professional life, she wears many hats – she is Member of the Public – Private Partnership Council, Government of the Republic of Macedonia, Member of the National Council of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Macedonia, President of the Macedonian Women Entrepreneurs.

> Jasna Stoimirovska Velichkov, Founder, AREL NEUROMARKETING™

AREL NEUROMARKETING™ is a new neuromarketing lab, opened in the Republic of North Macedonia and the Founder is – Jasna Stoimirovska Velichkov. The idea behind its foundation is – to give companies the opportunity to improve the communication between their brands and consumers, by exploring the subconscious reactions and emotions of consumers triggered by particular marketing stimuli.

She studied at Oxford Brookes University (UK), and in addition, she studied Psychology at the Department for Continuing Education – University of Oxford (UK). She also worked for The Nielsen Company, Oxford (UK) as client manager & as a Market Insight Manager at Surrey County Council (UK) – Procurement and is today, the Founder of AGRAR Ko (North Macedonia) food production and trade.

> Nina Angelovska, former co-founder of Grouper.mk

Nina Angelovska is Former Advocate for The Balkans, Member of the eTrade for Women. She is the former co-founder of Grouper.mk – a leading e-commerce company in Macedonia. It was the first deal platform in North Macedonia at a time when e-commerce was just beginning to develop in the country.

She also initiated the creation of the First Macedonian Ecommerce Association which she now heads as President.

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