Building your own business can be a truly amazing journey and a life-changing experience. In today’s economy, quite a number of people may think of starting their own business at some point, and become entrepreneurs. Especially, where women are concerned, they may think of working from home, or even turning their passion into a business! But, being an entrepreneur means that you are in control and you have to take the reins. It may not always…

On International Day of Rural Women (October 15) observes that the empowerment of rural women is essential to building a prosperous, equitable and peaceful future for all Do you know that rural women make up a quarter of the world’s population? This may be something we are not aware of. We constantly hear about gender inequalities and discrimination. So, it is befitting that a day has been marked out for rural women. On 15…

Are you a Mom busy with home duties that take up your full time? But at the back of your head, you feel –“What if I could start my own business? So, the idea of transforming from ‘Mom’ to ‘Mompreneur’ has already been sown in your mind. If you become a working Mom, it is like having two full-time jobs. Working under pressure is the norm. But being a mompreneur can be very rewarding job and totally satisfying!

International Literacy Day (September 8) highlights the importance of ‘literacy’. It puts the focus on women’s education which can facilitate the building of an ecosystem for women – to realize their entrepreneurial ambitions. The focus is on the literacy for a huge range of individuals, communities and societies. This day also focuses on the need for concentrated efforts towards more literate societies. In fact, the idea of an International Literacy Day was born at the World Conference of Ministers of Education on the Eradication of Illiteracy, held in Teheran, Iran, on 8-19 September 1965.

On World Teachers’ Day (September 5), sheatwork looks at where would we be without our teachers? Since they are driven by passion (not money), and they play many roles & have great communication skills etc they could be great entrepreneurs too! Today, we see teachers launching their own startups that have transformed the educational landscape. In fact, great educators, unhappy with outdated books are attracted by technology to produce new products that are transforming lives.…

We have seen a societal shift for women in the recent past, (in contrast to earlier times). Focusing on this issue, the shift has been in diverse categories ranging from business to media to entertainment – to name a few.

What is the status? Realistically, across the globe it is seen that gender diversity in the business environment is low.  And, specifically in the C-Suite it remains very low. Participation of women in the board of an organisation has been increasing, yet overall, the number of top women executives continues to be low. But, on the positive side, a slow change is noticeable, which is encouraging. And, hopefully, we may soon observe an increase in gender diversity in the C-Suite.  

On International Youth Day Aug 12, sheatwork encourages young
women entrepreneurs to step up and roll out their businesses

It was in 1999 that the UN General Assembly had designated 12 August as the first International Youth Day. It’s an annual celebration of the role of young women and men as essential partners in change; it poses an opportunity to raise awareness about the problems and challenges that the world’s youth faces.  It also focuses on the cultural and legal issues faced by youth throughout the world.

Look around and you can spot extraordinary women achieving the impossible. Women are crossing all boundaries and really shining. There are many stories floating around on their super success which are living proof of woman power. Female entrepreneurs are packing in a lot of action, which is getting noticed and appreciated too.