Stop Procrastinating the idea of becoming a Women Entrepreneur!

Stop Procrastinating the idea of becoming a Women Entrepreneur!

Don’t we all give in to procrastination some time or the other? Procrastination is an odd force. Everyone has experienced it. After all, what does it do? It delays the very activities that bring us closer to our goals.  It could be moving from the ‘big idea’ to something concrete or setting out to build a thriving business. So, why don’t we just move ahead towards that brighter future?

26 June

Women Entrepreneurs can find ways to Fight Adversity!

It can be extremely challenging to start and run a business. And, the going is not always smooth.  Entrepreneurs often find new obstacles in their path and often, just after they have removed it, lo and behold another blockage appears on the horizon….

21 June - Yoga Day

Women Entrepreneurs: Yoga can empower you!

On International Yoga Day – June 21, Sheatwork focuses on the benefits of practicing yoga for women entrepreneurs

We know that entrepreneurship has a direct impact on the economy of a country. And, it is the result of many enterprising individuals – men and women, who decided to branch out and create footprints of their own. So, sheatwork focuses on women entrepreneurs on June 21 – International Yoga Day, highlighting the fact that to do ‘fit’ business, a woman entrepreneur has to ‘fit in mind and body’ too.

Chhau Dance - 2

“Chhau”: The classical dance form and the story behind it…

I came across the charming glory of the “Chhaau” dance, two years ago, during my visit to Purulia. I was indeed, awestruck by the beauty and exclusivity of this tradition. Today, it is not only a tradition, but it is also a source of providing an income to women.

Blog Image for - 5th June

Time to leverage sustainability for growth opportunities on World Environment Day: June 5

World Environment Day 2019 will be hosted by China, where the identified theme is – “Air Pollution”, which looms large as a real threat across the globe; so the time has come to do something right, observes sheatwork.

The United Nations had set aside June 5, as World Environment Day for a specific reason. They were totally aware of the fact that protection and improvement of the human environment is a major issue, which affects the well-being of people and economic development across the globe.

Blog Image for - 1st June

The Unique Challenges of being a Parent-cum-Entrepreneur

Sheatwork pinpoints at how “mompreneurs” manage to walk the talk on the occasion of Global Day of Parents: June 1

As such, many women find it difficult to balance work and home, but we have seen that today they walk the tight-rope very well. In fact, women the world over, are breaking the glass ceiling and rising to top slots in many sectors. This is especially true in Indian business scene.

27 May (Indian Business) 1

Indian Business: On an Upward Trend!

India grabbed the 77th rank in the World Bank’s “Ease of doing Business” index which is quite a boost for the NDA government. India for the first time topped among the South Asian countries and stood third among the BRICS.

27 May - Blog Image 3_1

Importance of Mentoring for Entrepreneurs

How important is mentoring for people starting off on their own? Did successful people who became celebrated businessmen have mentors? It has been seen that mentoring generally has a positive influence on the person’s – both in terms of performance and success of the business. Tracking history, most successful founders have had mentors. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg was mentored by Steve Jobs. Jobs was mentored by Mike Markkula, who was an early investor and executive at Apple. And Eric Schmidt mentored Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google.

Cultural Diversity

Cultural Diversity: A key to success for Women Entrepreneurs

Sheatwork recognizes World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development on May 21, 2019

Today bridging the gap between cultures is a reality which is needed urgently. In a world delicate situations surface which are because of subtle cultural differences, the need for unity is paramount, and it is most important for peace, stability and development. This issue is specially important on May 21, 2019 – World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development.

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