About Us

Sheatwork.com aspires to help every woman aim big by shaping ideas and dreams in the right direction. The idea of Sheatwork.com germinated with the objective to support women, who are looking at starting an entrepreneurship venture that in is line with their abilities, interests and skills.

Launched in January 2017, the aim is to educate, train, support and motivate women entrepreneurs globally. Sheatwork.com is designed to be a one-stop destination for women, who are on the threshold of becoming entrepreneurs or are aspiring to move to the next level in their entrepreneurship ventures. Once an interested woman visits our site, she will have access to information that can support her ambition.

We provide a storehouse of information to increase awareness on all relevant areas of entrepreneurship. There are innovative business ideas, startup funding avenues, marketing, legal support, mentor connects, Government schemes information, courses, conferences, success stories and even videos and movies to bring the world of the entrepreneur to life.

Aspiring women entrepreneurs can check out options that exist in the country that could both help them start off their business initially, and also scale up their business. We plan to support and guide women from both urban and rural sections. She can reach out to various forms of support – like expert mentors, trainers and marketing professionals, to help her make her entrepreneurial dream a reality.

We plan to create a healthy eco-system of women entrepreneurs, who connect on a regular basis to exchange best practices, new ideas, and widen their areas of opportunities. They can be alerted about workshops and training sessions conducted by experts in the industry, to keep themselves updated with the latest trends in the industry.

Be part of an engaging community of enthusiastic, energetic and emerging women entrepreneurs. You can be inspired and empowered constantly. And, be transformed by the wealth of knowledge and information shared here, which will allow your business to materialize and take shape before your eyes.

Our Mission

To create a one-stop knowledge hub for any woman aspiring to be an entrepreneur, any woman entrepreneur aiming to move up to the next level. We hope to help all women entrepreneurs expand their frontiers and enhance their skills to achieve their true potential.

If you‘re a woman and have been wanting to be an independent entrepreneur, Sheatwork.com will help you realise your dreams.

  • To provide a friendly forum for women entrepreneurs to grow business-wise through the right knowledge and professionally too, through networking.
  • To give visibility to women entrepreneurs to run their businesses on a consultative approach, which includes mentoring programs.
  • To provide a platform for women to share their stories, resources, best practices and experiences.
  • To generate peer support for women entrepreneurs in cross section of businesses in urban and rural areas.
  • If you know of any woman entrepreneur, who is doing good work, do mail the co-ordinates to us at : info@Sheatwork.com
  • If you want to contribute a blog, do send us at : info@Sheatwork.com


Sheatwork.com is proud to announce that it has been chosen as the Knowledge Partner of BRICS CCI Women’s wing!