Doctors- Our Real Heroes


With the COVID-19 pandemic raging and spreading rapidly like wild fire, a section of our society has emerged as ‘saviours in disguise’- DOCTORS! Each morning, newspapers flaunt the heroic activities of doctors in trying to contain the pandemic and bestowing them with top notch respect becomes imperative, now more so. From treating the sick COVID-19 patients, training and guiding the patient’s family about keeping safe, to wearing an uncomfortable PPE and making sure that a well-equipped ICU is ready for the sick, doctors are doing it all. So as we plan to celebrate ‘Doctor’s day’ on 1st July this year, we wish to observe it as an opportunity to thank all doctors for their service round the clock , especially in the present crisis.

There is a mental health crisis amongst people now, especially the entrepreneurs who are struggling to keep their business ventures afloat. Doctors recognize the  extraordinary value that entrepreneurship creates for job creation, economic growth and commercialization of innovation. Therefore, in keeping entrepreneurs in optimum emotional and relational health, doctors too indirectly aid in the economic growth of the nation.

Even in the healthcare industry, which is tirelessly fighting the coronavirus pandemic, businesses are struggling. However, doctors know that this situation is not unique to any one particular health service. Business owners are facing huge challenges due to the sudden and dramatic decrease in revenue; many are in desperate need of grace periods to repay debts. As doctors work at the grass-root level to nip the problem in the bud, they are also providing the much needed support to our crippled economy. Placing purchase orders for new equipment and machines which allow them to provide better care for more patients or ordering new medicines, everything zeros down to boosting the economic condition to a better level.  Again, orders for appropriate PPE kits and sanitizers is something that is keeping entrepreneurs going- whether it be the agile start-ups or the more established legacy businesses. As  doctors focus on keeping people healthy, the financial inclusion industry also aims to help businesses, especially those that continue to provide essential services to people in need, and remain open even after the pandemic ends.

Thus we see that a doctor does not only discharge his duties within the hospital premises, but also aids in supporting entrepreneurs who in turn will turn the present economic situation around. Small businesses have always played a vital role in our economy and they will be crucial to our recovery from this crisis. Doctors have the wisdom to have understood that we need to work together to ensure that businesses vital to the emerging economy will survive. Where on one hand doctors continue to combat the COVID-19 and save lives, on the other hand they continue to succeed in fueling the much needed economic recovery by supporting entrepreneurs, though, indirectly. Kudos to these true heroes- the front-line workers – Doctors!

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