Pollution Control – The Need of the Hour

Pollution control – the need of the hour

Sheatwork highlights the imperative need to control pollution on National Pollution Control Day that falls on December 2, 2019

Air pollution has become the largest critical issue in the horizon in Delhi, today. It is an alarming factor in India and many developing countries too. As December 2 is recognized as National Pollution Control Day, it is appropriate that we focus on the impending hazards that line the horizon, if we do not take this seriously.

National Pollution control day is celebrated annually on 2nd December in the memory of the thousands who lost their lives in Bhopal gas tragedy on 2nd – 3rd December 1984. The main objective of the programs organized will be to spread awareness among the people about pollution and its control.

In October 2018, leaders from many countries in the world representing current and future customers attended the World Health Organization’s (WHO) inaugural Global Conference on Air Pollution and Health in Geneva.

Pollution is in the centre of media attention, especially in Delhi, as it highlights innumerable health issues. What is equally significant is that air pollution has economic consequences too. How air pollution is affecting our economy, is indicated too. For instance, the delay of goods and passenger trains, flights and freight during winter due to the pollution haze, does impact business.

Air pollution is neither good for health nor the economy, and there are several reasons why businesses need to consider air pollution as a serious problem for their productivity.

For entrepreneurship, too, the start-up businesses must take precautions and reduce the impact of pollution on the flow of their business activities.

Keep employees healthy: Employees are the backbone of any business. Healthy employees mean high productivity. Air pollution is harmful for health, and responsible for the various diseases, like respiratory infections, heart strokes, cancers, asthma attacks, coughs, and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases. Studies have shown that high air pollution is associated with employee absenteeism due to illness, which directly affects business  productivity. Air pollution also affects the recruitment process of businesses – many talented employees do not want to work in cities with higher air pollution. A study conducted for Chinese cities, found that 53 percent of American businesses operating in Chinese cities have experienced difficulty in recruiting senior talent, with majority blaming air pollution.

So, entrepreneurs need to go that extra mile to take care of their employees and protect them.

What can businesses do?

In order to improve air quality, there are different solutions for businesses. Initiatives like encouraging employees to use public transport or ride share, rather than private transport.

Capacity building and employee awareness programs are other strategies that business can adopt to fight air pollution. Providing training on a regular basis or recruiting already trained employees, like those with advanced degrees and specialization in environmental engineering and science would be beneficial.

Businesses can introduce energy-efficient technology, that can lead to reduction in air pollution. They can also calculate the life cycle air pollution footprint of their products to assess the opportunity for reducing air pollution.

As an entrepreneur, you need to take initiatives as mentioned to address the issue of pollution today, more than ever.

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