Yoga for Women Entrepreneurs


With an increasing awareness about the importance of a balanced lifestyle, it is not surprising that the global fitness market is on the rise. On International Yoga Day – June 21, Sheatwork focuses on the benefits of yoga on and beyond the mat, for women entrepreneurs.

The International Day of Yoga has been celebrated annually on 21 June since 2015, following its inception in the United Nations General Assembly in 2014. It was declared by the United Nations Generally Assembly on December 11, 2014, on the strong appeal of the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, who stated that an international day must be designated to highlight the importance and need of yoga in the contemporary era. Today,  International Yoga Day celebrations occur in India, USA, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, China, Australia, and some other countries of South Asia including Pakistan. International Day of Yoga 2021 theme focuses upon telling people to stay motivated at home and adopt a healthy lifestyle by doing exercise and yoga while we continue our fight against the coronavirus.

Understanding Yoga – Yoga is around 6000 years old physical, mental, and spiritual practice that originated in India and stayed famous in many religions including Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism for several thousand years. Derived from the Sanskrit language the word “Yoga” refers to uniting (with someone) or joining. Ancient Indian sage Patañjali is thought to be the Father of Modern Yoga because he is the person who codified all the aspects of Yoga into a certain format and introduced Yoga Sutras. As aptly said by Sadhguru, “Yoga is about rising to a new level of balance and competence in all aspects of life.”

Yoga, indispensable, now more than ever – International Yoga Day theme 2021, is “Yoga at home and Yoga with Family”. While the entire world  is battling the  COVID-19 pandemic and almost every country has imposed lockdown in a certain form, people are feeling caged. Our physical activities and our much-needed dose of human interactions have been largely curbed.  Topping this, some World Health Organization (WHO) reports reveal that Corona Virus is here to stay – at least for some more years to come. This however, has opened many opportunities for women entrepreneurs who are rolling out their business of OM! Undeniably, social distancing and a strong body immune system are the only available cures that we should embrace and yoga is a good form of exercise to practice indoors and boost our health systems.  

Consuming the benefits of practicing yoga– Women entrepreneurs can definitely benefit from focussing on yoga especially, as they have a tight work-life balance to achieve. To do ‘fit’ business,  woman entrepreneurs have to be ‘fit in mind and body too. The practice of yoga – the asanas, pranayam and meditation can actually foster their journey to the highest level of consciousness. They can benefit greatly by practising yoga as it will aid in creating a  balance in mind and body alike. It teaches you how to manage stress, increase focus, remain calm and achieve results. In short practising yoga trains women entrepreneurs to succeed. Also, practising yoga has helped many women entrepreneurs, who wish to make fitness their business realise, that yoga-based businesses aren’t just about profits, they’re about finding balance – for the self, for employees, and the customer ecosystem.

Benefits beyond the mat for women entrepreneurs – Women entrepreneurs have upped their fitness game by turning their interest in yoga into profitable businesses.  If you are passionate about fitness and have good business acumen, it makes good sense to start up in this field. Yoga and fitness is already a big business in India which has gained tremendous momentum owing to the advent of the pandemic. Here are some tips for you to follow while you endeavour to make fitness your business :-

  • Hone your personal message– Right now, authenticity sells better than anything so it is very important that you practice what you preach. Honing your skills in the practice of yoga and portraying the benefits you reap can stand you in good stead. This is what will attract clients who truly align with you and keep them coming back.
  • Be digitally visible– It is the season for DIY online yoga and the need to adopt the same is growing by leaps and bounds. In addition to greater awareness, digital platforms, social media and Omni channel capabilities also contributed to the worldwide increase in adoption of yoga. These channels can also connect you with prospective clients. Only when the clients know of your services, will they think of availing them!
  • Be transparent about your offerings– Power yoga! Restorative Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Zumba, On-demand classes! Workshops! Conferences! There are so many things a fitness business can offer—but it is a fact that you can’t do them all perfectly. Hence it is wise to chalk out your forte and be transparent about your offerings to your clients. This will help in defining your vision and  narrow down where to put your energy and go after it.
  •  Consider your market before venturing out into the business world

 If you want to own a franchise, be sure you love their teaching style and keep in mind that there will be restrictions to what you can and can’t do. If you want more freedom, opening your own place is enticing and can work, depending on your location. Also, it may be challenging to find enough students who are attracted to your teaching style.

  • Networking helps. Networking like in the corporate culture is  essential in yoga too—it’s all about unity after all! Creating and nurturing  the right connections can be key to a successful yoga career. Partnering with companies selling products, other teachers, and other professionals, as well as your students can be a powerful way to grow your business. The goal is to create a network of people and businesses you align to help enhance your visibility as a brand/company/studio.

There is never a perfect time to roll out your business…..Whether you wish to begin small or on a grand scale, let’s get started now!!!

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