World Development Information Day: Empowering Entrepreneurs with Knowledge


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The United Nations’ (UN) World Development Information Day, celebrated annually on October 24, is an important occasion. It serves as a global platform to raise awareness about the world’s development challenges & also sheds light on the imperative need for enhanced international cooperation to resolve them.

Tracing back to 1972, the UN Conference on Trade and Development recognized the importance of information in addressing trade and development issues. The ensuing resolution, led to the establishment of World Development Information Day.

It is actually a call to action – emphasizing the necessity for global citizens to focus on developmental issues. Notably, it coincides with United Nations Day, underscoring development’s central role within the UN’s ambit. Recent years have seen a shift in how this day is observed; and it now prominently features modern information technologies, such as the Internet and mobile telephony, and their pivotal role in raising awareness and finding solutions to trade and development problems. In this era of instant global communication, information is really power, and harnessing that power is integral to tackling developmental challenges.

This year, the theme for World Development Information Day 2023 is “Harnessing the Power of Information and Communication Technologies to Build a Better World”. This outlines the importance of science and technology in advancing sustainable development. It highlights the transformative potential of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in achieving developmental objectives.

The theme urges developing nations to invest more in research & development, encouraging other countries to do the same, thereby bridging the technological gap between nations. This puts the emphasis on ICTs points – to improve access to healthcare, education & essential services. Furthermore, ICTs empower communities and foster participation in decision-making & unlocking new economic opportunities.

What does this mean for entrepreneurs? Entrepreneurs play a pivotal role in economic development. They drive innovation, create jobs, and stimulate growth. But to succeed in today’s interconnected world, entrepreneurs must effectively harness information and communication technologies. The transformative power of ICTs can indeed, be a game- changer for aspiring and established business leaders.

Empowering Entrepreneurs through Information

For entrepreneurs, the ability to communicate and access information effectively is critical. They need to convey their ideas, products and services to potential customers, partners and investors. This calls for proficiency in public speaking, research, writing, and critical thinking.

Moreover, successful entrepreneurs exhibit a set of power skills, including persuasion, networking, influence, independence & self-trust. These skills are vital in securing clients, establishing partnerships, and navigating the complex landscape of entrepreneurship. Being persuasive, building a strong network and exerting influence are prerequisites for business growth.

Plus, independence and self-trust are the cornerstones of decision-making. Entrepreneurs frequently encounter situations where they must make informed, autonomous decisions that can significantly impact their business. In such moments, having trust in their abilities and judgments becomes paramount.

Successful entrepreneurs aren’t merely charismatic – they employ deliberate strategies for influencing and persuading others; and these strategies demand careful preparation and calculation. Entrepreneurs must leverage ICTs and modern information channels – to gather data, understand market trends & develop compelling narratives that win clients and partners.

In essence, World Development Information Day serves as a reminder that information is a potent tool for progress. Entrepreneurs, who are integral to economic development, can harness this tool to navigate the complexities of today’s business landscape. By embracing ICTs and building their communication and influence skills – entrepreneurs can unlock new opportunities & contribute to global development.

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