World Bicycle Day 2023: Riding towards a healthy, sustainable future


World Bicycle Day is celebrated on June 3 every year. It is a global observance that recognizes the remarkable versatility, reliability and sustainability of bicycles as a mode of transportation. The United Nations (UN) declared World Bicycle Day as a critical occasion to celebrate the bicycle and highlight its role in creating more sustainable, healthy and inclusive societies.

It’s all about celebrating the power of two wheels – for a sustainable and healthy future. The theme for this year’s World Bicycle Day is – “Riding Together for a Sustainable Future”.

Do cycling and entrepreneurship have any connectivity? Definitely, yes! Riding a bike can indeed, teach you a lot about stepping into entrepreneurship. One of the most important connecting factors is – fitness. Being mentally and physically fit is what matters the most. How can bike riding help you understand entrepreneurship in a better way?

  • It makes all the difference to be prepared : Just like you cannot cycle across a country on your first bike ride, you cannot expect your business to hit success immediately. So while you move ahead or cycle towards business success, be prepared for all the obstacles that come your way. Work out cycling and entrepreneurship – bit by bit and you will reach the top, while gaining both knowledge and experience. Like riding a bike gets better once you start understanding the basics – like tyre pressure, gears, speed and terrain; you will start understanding the market, marketing tactics, target audience and products. What you need to do is – keep moving forward, and not give up.
  • Improvement will happen over time : As a budding entrepreneur, one of the biggest fears you might face is – having a stagnant success ratio. But, you need to realize that with time, you will definitely grow and learn new tactics which will lead to improving your abilities! You realize that eventually, you will reach your destination. Business works in the same way.
  • You will need strength : Actually, pedaling is not very difficult. However, what makes cycling tough is the great finishing line you have created for yourself. You have to aim higher, but while keeping a steady mind. This will ensure that you keep a good control of your speed and optimize time too. Business also runs along these lines!
  • Despite the results, you will feel good : It doesn’t matter the distance you cycle to. What makes you feel great is the fact that – you went for a ride! It not only gives you health benefits but it also gives satisfaction. Owning a business also has the same effect. You may not bag a huge number of orders/clients in the beginning, but the fact that you have set up your own start-up, will give you a huge sense of accomplishment. You will also touch new levels of personal satisfaction.

So, you can see how cycling and running a business are very relatable activities! All you need is a little determination, and that will push you to definitely succeed in both. Start pedaling now, towards a great future!

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