Women in business in Hong Kong play
an important role in business life

On centre-stage: Women Entrepreneurs from Hong Kong

Hong Kong is seen by many people as the gateway to mainland China; and when combining this view with Hong Kong’s inherent historical strength as an international trading hotspot, one can start to understand why Hong Kong scores high.

A reality check shows that Hong Kong is a bustling cosmopolitan city state where East meets West and expats from all over the world mingle with locals and visitors from mainland China. Plus Hong Kong island happens to be the regional headquarters of numerous global companies, who perceive Hong Kong’s unique geographical and economic position as an ideal hub, from where to control their Asian operations.

As would be expected in a region which has been so immensely influenced by Western attitudes, women play a much more important role in business life in Hong Kong than in other countries.

Here’s presenting some prominent women in business in Hong Kong.

> Dorothy Chau, Founder, Pretti5

Dorothy Chau started Pretti5 in 2018, with a mission to bring about beauty inside and out and to rekindle busy millennials’ confidence in their own skin. It is a beauty skincare solution fusing traditional Chinese medicinal herbs with advanced skin science. The main objective of Pretti5 is – to restore the skin’s natural glow through a clean, non-toxic, vegan and sustainable approach.

> Kaye Dong, Founder, The New Moon, The Good Studio & K For Kids Foundation

It’s cool to say that Kaye Dong wears many hats. She is an all-around superwoman who does immense good work that extends round the globe. She’s a mother and a foster mother who runs two businesses – The New Moon and The Good Studio, as well as K For Kids Foundation, a Hong Kong charity focusing on delivering a positive impact to children in out-of-home care. The New Moon is her latest venture, founded in 2020 as an emerging online destination around the world of wellness, spirituality and self-care.

> Henrietta Tsui-Leung, Founder, Ora-Ora

A very productive career in finance and an MBA degree were the starting point that inspired Henrietta Tsui-Leung to step into entrepreneurship. She co-founded an art gallery and art advisory service, Ora-Ora. Since its establishment in 2006, Ora-Ora has introduced a select group of the most innovative artists to international collectors. In 2012, Tsui-Leung co-founded – with gallerist and art consultant Karin Weber – the Hong Kong Art Gallery Association, which is a non-profit organisation dedicated to advancing the interests of art galleries in Hong Kong.

> Queenie Man, Founder & CEO, The Project Futurus

Queenie Man is the founder of The Project Futurus, which is a social enterprise promoting the future of ageing. The movement’s philosophy is based on the belief that the key to social innovation is – to see and feel the world with “empathy”. She and her team have a noble aim for they are committed to creating an “age-positive” and supportive environment through education, advocacy and community service.

> Peggy Cheung, Co-Founder, Articoin

In May 2021, Peggy Cheung co-founded Articoin – the world’s first Green NFT platform that combines art and technology to support local artists and various environmental, social and governance causes around the world. It’s interesting to note that Articoin’s Green blockchain uses 2,600 times less energy than conventional Ethereum-based chains and is on a mission to bring carbon-neutral NFT minting experiences for all.

> Megan Lam, Co-Founder, Neurum Health

Megan Lam of Neurum Health uses technology to help people understand and manage behavioural health. The aim is to ensure that mental healthcare can be accessed by everyone, on their own terms, anywhere and at any time.

The company developed Clara, a behavioural wellness companion app (using proprietary technology to remove guesswork and barriers to care). It adapts to the needs to its members, aiming to make them feel comfortable & confident also, about discussing their mental health.


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