Women Entrepreneurs Starting Second Innings in their Entrepreneurial Journey


On World Senior Citizen Day – August 21, 2022 sheatwork contemplates on the question of women entrepreneurs kicking off their second innings in their entrepreneurship journey. It is to recognize the contribution of elders towards society and its people that World Senior Citizens’ Day is observed every year, on 21 August. The day is dedicated to increasing awareness about serious issues elders face like age-related deterioration and so on.

So, on this special day, a variety of problems concerning the senior citizens come up for discussion, their experiences are shared and solutions are offered. The situation also opens up
opportunities for the youth to appreciate them for their accomplishment and dedication towards their families and country too.

Considering a Second Innings

But it is not the end of the world for senior citizens. Senior citizens are also at a stage in life when they may want to consider a second innings in their worklife, even though they have dusted their main careers and retired officially. And women who are tracking a career to start off, can get a boost in life. This is of course, if they are healthy and mentally fit to slip into a work environment that will keep them occupied fully. And what better than starting a second innings in their entrepreneurial journey?

The second innings, in fact, breaks the stereotype that a second innings in life depends on the
success achieved during the first inning. A hard truth is that in life there are no defined timelines for intervals; rather life is a consistent journey of success and failures. In fact, a true entrepreneur gets excited with any change coming up or if she is planning to embark on something new. Plus it also offers an opportunity to leverage the knowledge gained through varied experiences, in the past. If an entrepreneur gets the luxury to choose, the second innings can indeed strike off exciting times ahead. An entrepreneur’s journey is richly fulfilled when the entrepreneur does what he/she is passionate about, which becomes a source of fun and thrilling times.

Life never is a bed of roses; and we all know this from experience. And for senior citizens – they
may feel that pressures are off their chest, and it’s time for pursuing what your heart desires. A
second innings in work life? Step into it and indulge, because you deserve it!

For senior citizens in India, there are various schemes including Integrated Programme for
Older Persons, Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme, Rashtriya Vayoshri Yojana, and Vayoshreshtha Samman. These schemes are launched in the country to improve the quality of life by providing the elderly with basic amenities and rights.

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