Women entrepreneurs in Romania are indeed, a powerful force

On centre-stage: Some prominent women entrepreneurs from Romania

In Romania’s entrepreneurial environment, according to a survey conducted by Impact Hub and Bravva Angels for ING Bank Romania – it was revealed that women are shareholders in 47% of active companies with a turnover of over 10,000 lei, almost at par with men. Plus, one in four companies is 100% owned by women.

So, women entrepreneurs in Romania are indeed, a powerful force – driving resilience, innovation and economic growth. With their determination, unwavering ambition and creativity, they are shaping industries, breaking barriers and also leaving a lasting impact on the business landscape. From tech startups to social enterprises, women entrepreneurs in Romania are leading the way – inspiring others, and paving the path for a more inclusive, prosperous future. #WomenEntrepreneurs #InnovationLeaders #EmpoweredRomania

Here’s presenting some inspiring women entrepreneurs from Romania.

> Edith Alibec, Co-Founder, COO & Head of Growth, Upgrade Education

Edith Alibec is an experienced entrepreneur in different sectors. Like, she was active in the film industry, where she worked as a production manager, and later moved on to co-found her own edtech company – Upgrade Education. First she took on the role of Head of Marketing; and she not only built from scratch a scalable customer acquisition machine, but also implemented and managed international digital marketing campaigns. Currently, the firm is headquartered in England and they reach out to help students to join their dream universities.

> Magda Baciu, Founder, Ads & Conversion Rate Optimization Expert, Growth Savvy

Backed by rich experience, Magda Baciu was recognized for her contribution to the business scene by Forbes’ 30 under 30 ranking. She founded her first business venture in 2013 and later moved on to work for tech companies such as – Unlock Scope and Omniconvert. After imbibing her learnings, and making the most of these experiences, in 2016 she founded her own company – Growth Savvy, which specializes in digital analytics, advertising, and conversion optimization.

> Simona Lapusan, COO & Founding Partner, Zitec and Mirro.io

With her diverse, impressive background, Simona Lapusan has contributed greatly to the Romanian business scene. Having a passion for tech, she had built a career trying to understand people’s behaviour in that space. She founded her first software company – Zitec in 2003 and in 2018 she became the CEO and the Founder of yet another venture – Mirro.io. The work produced here is interesting. This platform enables high-growth SMEs to build transparent, thriving workplace cultures that encourage employee well-being and improve talent retention. Besides, she is also a Board member of the Romanian business angel community – Bravva Angels.

> Cristina Toncu, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Techcelerator

It’s great to see that Cristina Țoncu is immensely involved in the growth of the startup ecosystem in Romania and the SEE/CEE region, especially within the tech area. Since 2008, she has been involved in the startup world, after joining GEN Global Entrepreneurship Network, and later RICAP Romanian Innovation Commercialization Assistance Program. As a Co-Founder & Managing Partner in Techcelerator.io – seed accelerator and investment partner for SEE high-tech companies, she supports early-stage startups in their development process, and also
acts their mentor and advisor. Plus, she currently works as a Regional Growth Senior Advisor at Romanian Tech Startups Association – the incubation program for early-stage tech startups from Europe. Meanwhile, she can also be spotted as a speaker at various conferences and forums for the startup and investor communities.

> Anamaria Hancu, Co-Founder, Board Member & Communication Consultant, Let’s Do It, Romania!

For over a decade, Anamaria Hancu, has been an accomplished Co-Founder, Board Member and Communication Consultant of the renowned social initiative “Let’s Do It, Romania!” – the largest social movement in Romania that has brought together over 1.9 million volunteers to help clean up the country. Additionally, she has also worked as Promotion Manager for INNA and has been part of the Global Records team for almost a decade, representing some of the most celebrated Romanian artists. Moreover, she is also part of the SAGA Festival, ALDA Romania marketing team. Significantly, people working with Anamaria admire her and regard her as ‘a symbol of power and determination for the surrounding women’.

> Oana Csertus, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Cobalt Sign

Working to boost the growth of the startup ecosystem, Oana Csertus is a woman of many talents. She is an experienced software engineer, specializing in building mobile applications, UX design, digital products and agile software development. Her deep interest and enthusiasm for technology, along with business expertise led her to co-found Cobalt Sign, a full-cycle mobile app development for SMEs and startups, where she assumed the role of Managing Partner. In addition, she is an active volunteer and by using her tech skills, she launched Hello App – a summertime program aimed to educate high schoolers on the basics of creating mobile applications. An interesting angle to her personality is that she is a passionate
traveller that co-founded Ready Set Holiday! – a travel app which helps in trip planning.

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