Women Entrepreneurs have Made Significant Contributions to Indian Theatre


The background of World Theatre Day is that it is aimed at promoting all forms of theatre around the world; and it is also involved in making people aware of its value. It inspires theatre communities to create awareness about their work on a wide scale and also to familiarize governments and opinion leaders with the significance of theatre.

The day is celebrated to raise awareness about the importance of theatre arts and their important role in entertainment. And, it highlights how they can be used to foster peace and economic development. The celebrations are open to one and all around the world – from theatre practitioners, to government institutions, ministries of cultures, arts universities, and colleges, to theatre enthusiasts and fans – who love the stage and appreciate its beauty.

In India, theatre has a long, very rich tradition, and there are many women entrepreneurs who are involved in theatre in various capacities. These women are not only talented actors and directors but are also entrepreneurs who have created their own theatre companies, production houses, and theatre schools.

One such woman entrepreneur is Zohra Segal, who was an Indian actress, dancer and theatre director. As one of the pioneers of Indian theatre she made significant contributions to the art form in India. She started her own theatre company, the Zohresh Theatre, and directed and produced many successful plays. She also acted in several films and television shows and was awarded the Padma Shri, one of India’s highest civilian honors, in 1998.

Another woman entrepreneur in Indian theatre is Lillete Dubey, who is an Indian actress and theatre director. She founded her own theatre company – The Primetime Theatre Company; plus, she has produced and directed several successful plays in India and abroad. She is also a well-known film actress and has appeared in many popular movies.

Apart from these, there are many other women entrepreneurs in India who are involved in theatre, such as – Mahabanoo Mody-Kotwal, who is a theatre director and producer & Usha Ganguly, who is a theatre director and founder of the theatre company Rangakarmee.

Overall, we can say that women entrepreneurs have made significant contributions to Indian theatre. And, they have played an important role in promoting and preserving the art form in the country.

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