Women Entrepreneurs from Meghalaya


Celebrating the state of Meghalaya’s call for change, we salute the courage and determination shown by women. These women have indeed played extraordinary roles in their communities. In fact, women entrepreneurs in Meghalaya are making a huge impact and are moving forward to provide other women with opportunities, to reimagine their future.

Here’s honouring some women who have inspired and made a difference both in their lives and in the communities that surround them.

> Wanmon Tang, Founder, Deisa Food Processing

Wanmon Tang is the Founder of Deisa Food Processing – a home-based enterprise that is involved in the production of pickles, jam, fruit wine, candied fruits and vegetables and the like, from Madankynsaw, Laskein Block, West Jaintia Hills District. Her attempt to prevent wastage of the indigenous fruits and vegetables found locally, was what actually motivated her to start this start-up. After training the village women to empower them to work and earn, she encourages young women to follow their passion and work hard.

> Phikaralin Wanshong, Founder, Kong Kara’s Fresh Foods

This woman entrepreneur – Phikaralin Wanshong specializes in food processing, and is the Founder of Kong Kara’s Fresh Foods, a resident of Pohkseh in Shillong. Most importantly, she received a Best Entrepreneur Award in 2010 bestowed by the ex-President Smt. Pratibha Devi Singh. Her setup helps other women who face economic hardships, in a responsible manner. Besides, she has trained aspiring entrepreneurs who are particularly interested in food processing, and also students from many institutions.

> Semada Marak, Founder, Seven Cherri

Semada Marak is Founder and designer of Seven Cherri, which is a startup that works with handmade art handicraft accessories from Garo Hills. Her main objective is to promote tribal designs of Northeast India – by a unique integration of modern and traditional styles. Interestingly, her design house is looked after and run by the local women of Tura, as she puts in all effort to empower and involve more women in the workplace.

> Dasumarlin Majaw, Founder, Smoky Falls Tribe Coffee

Dasumarlin Majaw is the Founder of Smoky Falls Tribe Coffee. She is also owner of a cafe called “Black and White Cafe” in Shillong. She was in a job, and it was her intense passion, energy and drive that pushed her to quit her banking job – to start Meghalaya’s first indigenous coffee brand. She works with farmers, a major part of whom are women. Thus her work now has set up viable market for the coffee grown by them.

> Shidalin Marbaniang, Founder, Syntu Sanitary Pad Making

Running a unique business is Shidalin Marbaniang, who is the Founder of Syntu Sanitary Pad Making. This entrepreneurship setup was first registered at the EFC, Mawshynrut Block. Working around a very relevant topic, she initiates local awareness campaigns on menstrual health – to encourage the local village women to move away from the age-old traditional habits. What’s most pertinent is that the pads are eco-friendly and 100% handmade. Plus, she is most dedicated to rural areas and plans to market her product to the whole of Meghalaya too.

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> Medarisha Lyngdoh, Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder, eSamudaay

Hailing from Shillong in Meghalaya, Medarisha Lyngdoh is one of the emerging women entrepreneurs of Northeast India in the field of e-business.  Her business si called – eSamudaay, which is a platform for small local entrepreneurs. 

After a career in TCS and the State Bank of India, her sole passion was to make a difference in the community. And, when she was offered to be part of eSamudaay, she jumped at it. eSamudaay is a revolutionary movement that strives to enable people to take control of their markets and not be taken over by a monopoly.According to her, the eSamudaay’s model empowers and gives ownership to the community. 

> Kharlyngdohis, Founder, Yes Bakery

Her journey started in the year 2017, when she started her own business. The income she earned was very low too; but that did not stop her. It was after becoming a SHG member, that her story moved forward. She availed the benefit of SHG loan scheme and in 2019, she managed to open her own bakery “Yes Bakery” at Nonglang. Currently, she is running her business successfully and her earnings have also increased – to support her business venture.

> Ayoshee Beriwal, Founder, GreenNE Origins

Ayoshee Beriwal, the Founder of GreenNE Origins is one of the top entrepreneurs of Meghalaya. It can be traced back to her dream – to make everyone health-conscious; and she actually worked out how she could provide a wide range of natural products – Turmeric Power, Ginger Powder, and Pure Raw Wild honey multi-Flora, Cashew nuts- 8J Variety, Black Cardamom, Cinnamon Bark Green Tea amongst others. It was significant that her first sale was a small sachet of turmeric powder to her family, friends, and coworkers. It was the PRIME initiative that changed her life and gave her the confidence to chase her dream and make it a reality.

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