Women Entrepreneurs from Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Andaman & Nicobar Islands


Today, women entrepreneurs are changemakers – becoming role models and creating opportunities galore. Going beyond the economic growth story, without a doubt, women entrepreneurs are a vital part of India’s progress. To add to this, the World Economic Forum considers women entrepreneurship as key to economic recovery.

Here are some women entrepreneurs from Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

> Upasana Taku, Chairperson & Co-founder, Mobikwik

It was in 2009 that Upasana Taku co-founded India’s first mobile wallet and online payment platform – MobiKwik. After the rise of technology, a new norm emerged – for people to shift to online transaction mode. She tied up with her husband and launched the company as a recharge platform, and soon, it became the face of mobile wallets in the country. At a time when the people were dependent on physical cash this startup revolutionized the sector by bringing on the concept of a ‘physical wallet’ onto the big stage.

> Rashmi Dagar, Founder, Fresh Menu

We are all familiar with FreshMenu today. The reason behind the origin of FreshMenu, was the founder Rashmi Dagar’s love for cooking food. Fresh Menu has its own kitchens, supported by
expert chefs and we know that FreshMenu provides international cuisines at your doorstep in few minutes. It was destiny that steered her through life – she left her high profile job to become an entrepreneur and her success story is open for all of us to see and experience.

> Shivani Poddar, CEO & Co-founder, FabAlley

After a successful academic phase, Shivani Poddar left her perfect career to start her own label Faballey. The idea was to start a clothing line that made luxury clothing affordable. At FabAlley, she is involved in setting up sourcing and manufacturing processes, financial systems, and fully integrated supply chain techniques and so on. All this lead to spearheading the company’s growth – to make it a worldclass fashion brand.

> Supriya Paul, CEO & Co-founder, JoshTalks

The startup was launched in 2015 – with a vision to help audiences from Tier II and III cities get access to proper role models, learn from them. The goal was to help anyone who is from a smaller town or city in India, who does not speak English fluently, does not have access to the right kind of role models or the right kind of education, upskilling jobs, etc.

Supriya Paul is one of the minds behind the concept of JoshTalks. After co-founding the platform, Josh Talks she is involved in a lot of inspiring work today. It was a fact that she looked
at the world differently and that is how ‘Josh Talks’ began.

> Richa Singh, CEO & Co-founder, YourDOST

Richa Singh is involved in breaking the stigma of mental illness with her emotional wellness platform – ‘YourDOST’. Incorporated in July 2015, YourDOST provides chat, phone and video therapy and has a huge network of psychologists, psychotherapists, life and career coaches around the country. Understanding that many people fear to talk about their issues due to social implications despite undergoing immense stress, she created this platform where anyone can access support from experts such as psychologists, psychotherapists, and mental wellness coaches.


Andhra Pradesh
> Radhika Choudary, Co-founder, Freyr Energy

Founded in 2014 by Radhika Choudary and Saurabh Marda, Freyr Energy caters to residential and MSME sectors, rteaching out to customers across states in India. Freyr Energy helps people work towards adopting solar energy in an easy way – ensuring everything from pre-sale to post-installation.The company was launched in 2014 when friends Saurabh Marda and Radhika Choudary decided to move back to India from US.

They offer solar subsidy for home that reduces cost of a system by 20-40%. They provide the best quality solar installations for their customers; and have enabled people to save on electricity bills in a big way.

> Archana Shah, Co-founder, Eunimart

Eunimart is a unified SaaS platform for Small to Medium Global Retail Brands that makes Omnichannel Sales easier. Started in 2017, the founders are – Archana Shah, Shayak Mazumder. Archana is a seasoned entrepreneur who has been leading Eunimart from its initial days. Prior to joining Eunimart, she ran her own ad and film-making agency.

Andaman & Nicobar Islands
> Dr. Poonam Arora, Chairperson of A&N State Social Welfare Board

Dr. Poonam Arora was recently honoured by The Bharat Nirman Foundation Delhi with “Women entrepreneur of the Year Award” – in appreciation for her dedication to the hospitality industry and her contribution in Skill Development of women in remote areas.

As the Chairperson of A&N State Social Welfare Board, Dr. Poonam Arora has been visiting all the Islands of North, Middle & South Andaman creating awareness and organising various Skill development programmes. She feels that women can be empowered with an extra skill to earn their livelihood and financial security, which can be the biggest support for women.

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