Women Entrepreneurs can find ways to Fight Adversity!


It can be extremely challenging to start and run a business. And, the going is not always smooth.  Entrepreneurs often find new obstacles in their path and often, just after they have removed it, lo and behold another blockage appears on the horizon….

As a businessman or an entrepreneur, we may often encounter disruptive situations but the effort is always to conquer such situations and emerge as a winner. It may be loss of an important client or a favorite customer, the exit of a star performer and so on. Successful business leaders, or entrepreneurs seriously do not give up easily, when adversity strikes. They always find the ways and means to carry on.

Lack of funding or cash crunch can be the biggest of problems for a small business or start-up. This can limit talent of the team, which can stunt its ability to scale up too. Unfortunately, funding is just one of several uphill battles women entrepreneurs face (along with family problems). Such barriers can derail women early in their entrepreneurial venture!  Luckily, the environment is now finally in place for women leaders to persevere and thrive in the face of early obstacles. Here are some tips on how they can thrive.

  • Don’t let the problems/unhappiness keep you down
  • Keep your free, so that the success will follow
  • Lean on others when the need arises

It can help to look around and build a bond with other women leaders, and you can gain from this networking strategy. They can inform you whether you are on track or not. If you face additional challenges, they can inspire you to work harder and reach out for triumphs. Keeping track of stories that other women entrepreneurs have to unfold, will not only encourage you, but will inspire you too!

So, on the positive side – there has to be learnings (from the networking). We can certainly learn from those who have faced showdowns and then picked up the thread  and went on to win!

  • Entrepreneurs keep their goal in mind – what they hope to achieve. That is the force that propels them forward. They recognize that the benefits of accomplishing the objective dramatically outweigh whatever negative situations they encounter.
  • Often they seek help from others. Wise entrepreneurs know they can’t win the battle alone. When the going gets tough, the tough get going – they reach out to friends and associates, who can provide sound assistance and guidance.
  • Through tough times, they maintain a positive attitude. Definitely, they try not to let negative thoughts rule the day, and they look forward to the future with hope and optimism.
  • They keep their composure at all times, and they don’t panic. They know that the darkness will lead to a new day of opportunity.
  • Unfazed by hassles, they keep trying again and again. They don’t quit. They consider the lessons learned and make the necessary improvements to move ahead one more time.

Women certainly have the ability to inspire their teams in unique ways, and we have enough examples today, to observe them use that strength to deliver effective and enduring business strategies.

But, of course getting there isn’t all fun and games!  Adversity will hit, and the fate of your business will depend on how you are able to overcome the situation, and push through it!

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