Why Laughter Is Key to Entrepreneurship


On World Laughter Day (January 10, 2022) Sheatwork emphasizes the importance of laughter in successful business teams

The power of laughter cannot be undermined in any way. They say “laughter is the best medicine” and can give you the winning edge most of the time. In business too, it can play forward and can create magic. Significantly, there is a day devoted to laughter. World Laughter Day is celebrated on January 10, and it was first celebrated in 1998, in Mumbai, India, and the person behind it was Dr Madan Kataria, founder of the worldwide Laughter Yoga movement. Keeping in line with what Laughter Yoga promotes, “laughter is a positive and powerful emotion that has all the ingredients required for individuals to change themselves and to change the world in a peaceful and positive way”.

World Laughter Day is celebrated all over the world. And it works towards promoting peace and love. People can come closer and it can only be spread through laughter and smiles.  For wherever there is a smile, there is a little success too.

Various activities are organised every year on this day – like events woven around producing 1,000 red noses, decorating a ‘smiley’, giggle boxes, ‘funny’ literacy etc. In fact, every day must be a laughter day – for spreading smiles and happiness on the faces around. A day without laughter is a day wasted!!

How laughter is really a critical positive need for entrepreneurs

Laughter may sound like a minuscule thing and, often we may take it lightly. But, it is as beneficial to our health and well-being as it is to our social influence. Laughter is in fact, in our DNA; it’s a universal common language, and easily recognised by all cultures.  Laughter provides many health benefits, unites us, creates social bonding, and, as many studies have revealed, it enhances morale, resilience, and effectiveness, all of which contributes not only to happy family life but also to a very productive work environment, leading to success.

So, for people running small businesses, it is indeed, an essential item. In businesses, there is stress that exists and so there is a need to embrace a work-life balance. Stress is no stranger to entrepreneurs; we all have seen how laughter combats stress. A smile can work wonders! It can be the winning edge to the pattern of problems that we face in our work life. Entrepreneurs must also consider these benefits can steer a stress-free, successful trail that they can manage, as charismatic leaders.

• Laughter can lead to powerful communication: Entrepreneurs as business leaders can creatively use laughter as a powerful form of communication. It can be carefully used as a tool to soften the impact of change which can be very hard-hitting, at times; it can build camaraderie within teams, and also heighten collaboration and bonding between the team members. It can point to a highly effective company culture (built upon humour and laughter), which in turn, can lead to record earnings and profitability.

Leaders who distance themselves from humour convey a ‘social distancing’. Moreover, today, with the vastly different needs and expectations of younger generations like Gen Z (and certainly a greater awareness and appreciation of emotional intelligence), the entrepreneur (and business heads like CEOs) play a new role in the company culture.
A good sense of humour factors in greatly.

• Importance of laughter & socialization for the entrepreneur (or the solo business owner): Isolation can become a part of the norm, especially for solo business owners. Whether introverted or extroverted, we are, by nature, social beings. So, socialization can create the ‘magic’ – to give a boost to the business.

It is seen that lack of social interaction and laughter often can result in depression and low mental health that can point to low performance or a slump in success rates. Ironically, a study reveals that the prevalence of ‘stroke’ shows a 60 per cent increase in those who rarely laugh! So, the need is to get out of the office and get engaged in your social circles and take it in your stride on a happy note.

Laugh with your colleagues at work, and your social circles – it can really lead to more engaging and successful results!

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