Why are you not reaching your goals?


You set goals for your business like all business starters do, but, are you failing to achieve them? What should you do? We set goals all the time, but do we know what to do when we don’t accomplish our goals?

First and foremost, it is important to understand that failing to achieve your goals does not mean that we have failed, and we are down and out!! It just means that something is wrong or out place. You need to change your strategies. You need to change your approach. And you need to change the way you do things.

When you fail to reach your goals, it doesn’t mean that you are a failure. So don’t let your failure define who you are. Take it as a lesson and learn from the experience – improve your strategy, and then try again! In fact, it is failure that catapults most people to become successful.

What can you do to get back on track?

Analyze and learn from the experience

Every adversity or every failure carries with it the promise of an equal or greater benefit. When you failed to achieve what you set out to achieve, it tells you something. Failure is a signal telling you something is wrong. When your client’s cheque bounces, it tells you something. These are the signals. And if you choose to ignore these signals, you will suffer the consequences. And failure is just one of them.

The best part is that you don’t have to choose to succumb to failure. Hence, take the effort to understand why you fail so that you can bounce back higher. And when you know what went wrong, you can change it, and you can solve it. It makes you feel better, more confident, and you can be hopeful again.

Therefore, do a post-mortem every time you fail to hit your goals. Find out the actual reason for the failure. Treat it as feedback. After that, learn to solve the problem and come back with a better strategy – to achieve what you want again.

Is there a lack of purpose? 

 Is there a lack of purpose? Creating goals that are centered around your company’s core values can be a crucial aspect of meeting those goals. An easy way to drive success is to ensure your business has a purpose and emphasize that wherever possible. If a goal is made with little to no understanding of that purpose, it will be difficult to find the motivation to reach the goal in a timely manner.  

If purpose is emphasized throughout the time of reaching out to achieve that goal, employees are likely to be more motivated to work hard. Most people want to know their work has meaning; then, they are more likely to be more productive – once they understand the “why” behind a goal.  

Reignite your desire

If you are losing out on achieving your goals, maybe you need to reignite your desire. Keep the energy high and boost your motivation.

And, how do you do that? Simple, revisit your purpose. Ask yourself – why do you want to achieve the goals you have set? Your reasons are the fuel that will keep you burning. Point to be noted is that your reasons must be emotional and strong enough to get you moving. If the purpose for your goal is not strong enough, you will not do whatever it takes to achieve the goal.

Interestingly, when you give yourself a compelling reason to act, you will go beyond the problems.

Reboot and restart

When you done a full analysis, what next? Simply reboot and restart. Just like when you wake up to a new day, you are restarting and rebooting into a new day.

It doesn’t matter what happened. Even if you had a rough patch – take rest and take a good night’s sleep, because, tomorrow is going to be a brand new day! And things may be different.

Set a new goal or simply extend the time frame to achieve the goals. This is the principle you need to apply when you fail to achieve your goals. Just reboot.

Not only will you learn from your past, but you will upgrade yourself to the next level too!

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