What Ticks Between Teaching and Entrepreneurship?

Teacher's Day

On Teacher’s Day September 5, 2022 sheatwork looks at what is the common the factor between teaching and entrepreneurship

Starting a business is not easy, for it requires a great deal of effort, determination, and resilience. In many ways, being an effective teacher is just as difficult as being a successful entrepreneur. The job requires a similar combination of improvisation and commitment.

What’s the scene in a class? Teachers have to “sell” an idea to their students so that what they are presenting is interesting and catches the attention of the students – just as an entrepreneur has to do, to attract consumers. A great teacher has the passion and the ability to do this – to interest and inspire students. Just as an entrepreneur, a teacher must keep going and try to inspire, no matter what.  Of course, there are goals too – to constantly track and achieve.

As a matter of fact, managing a team force, whether it’s students or employees is critical. A great teacher effectively faces a team of students in front. They have to manage many things – the moods, the interactions and so on. The ultimate aim is to get the best for everyone in that room. A great teacher needs to control and manage all this. Understanding and empathy have to be in place for both. A great teacher knows the students in and out; and equally understands what makes their pupils stay motivated and happy, just as an entrepreneur needs to keep his or her team motivated and happy, so that they are more productive.
Knowing what the customer wants is of paramount importance. A great teacher delivers the content in a way that the student wants. And, for an entrepreneur, that takes some understanding of your consumers!  Significantly, both the entrepreneur and a great teacher balances the phrase – “the customer is always right” in their own ways. Of course, you have to listen to your customers and react to their needs. And, another thing is to separate the genuine feedback and incoroporate the learnings.
Plus a teacher, like an entrepreneur is always looking at updating and improving. In teaching new batches, a good teacher reviews the lessons and tries to improvise to create a better impact. Great teachers are constantly looking for ways to improve and adapt. Whether is be using new technology to refining traditional methods to make them even more effective. Just as an entrepreneur tries to adapt to competition and keep the product or service appealing to the target audience. Here, we remember what the Japanese call “Kaizen” – which means continuous small improvements in oneself or practices. Improvise, improvise…. to keep the business alive and kicking!

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