What are some challenges to be faced by women entrepreneurs in 2019?


Indian women entrepreneurs are now stepping into a world, where they had not imagined before…

It’s a time for re-imagining for women aspiring to walk into their own business world. Despite challenges that exist, women seem determined to overcome them. Traditionally, the Indian woman was a homemaker, and refined to their homes. But the modern Indian woman is now proudly flaunting a new side to her personality. She appears to be a powerhouse of action. We see her fighting for her rights and making her mark in business, sports, politics, science, the arts and in society by and large. So, it a fitting tribute that Captain Marvel, which was labeled too be more than a superhero film, made an appearance this year!

At the same time, India is experiencing the start-ups boom, like the rest of the world. All you need is a unique idea, the requisite know-how, a sound business plan, start-up finance and the willingness to work hard – and the fruition of one’s dreams is definite possibility.

In this golden age of globalization, digitalization and start-up booms, India is clearly seeing a revolution vis-à-vis women entrepreneurs. Today’s women entrepreneurs come from all walks of life and from all parts of the country; they are not only from high-income groups.

Not only that, women are now breaking the glass ceiling consistently. From running sports media firms to real estate companies and security and detective agencies – women are entering fields that have traditionally been bastions of male domination.

Being an entrepreneur, however, isn’t easy. Start-ups come with their own set of obstacles and issues. Women in particular have far more challenges to overcome.

The gender bias

First and foremost, women have to deal with the gender bias. India has been a patriarchal society in the past where the role of women was relegated largely to domestic duties. And although the status quo is changing rapidly, there is still a long way to go.

Social barriers

Social barriers and norms also continue to hamper women with entrepreneurial ambitions, especially in rural and semi-urban areas. Even today, religion and caste get in the way of women when they step out to start a venture. But things are changing for the better and the Indian woman is standing up for herself like never before.

Education is an issue

Education is also an issue. Till recently, women, especially in the rural areas, did not have access to specialized training to hone their skills and abilities. But thanks to the internet, the world is shrinking by the day and nothing is out of reach or bounds anymore. 21st century education and skills can now easily be acquired online.

Resources, technology, infrastructure

Resources, technology and infrastructure have been daunting in the past. But in this liberating digital age, the spirit of entrepreneurs are at an all-time high – for a variety of new-age platforms are helping innovative ideas become a reality! Resources and technology are now penetrating every corner of the country. New products are discovering new markets too. 

In the past, to procure finance to kick-start their dream venture was extremely difficult for women, aspiring to start their own business. Thankfully, female-friendly government loan schemes and private microfinance for women are changing the scenario rapidly.

A work-life balance

 A healthy work-life balance is one of the biggest challenges for women entrepreneurs; a challenge that they must overcome.  As the ads too are a clear indicator of the modern men, who  are beginning to contribute towards domestic duties, in order to support their women as they chase their dreams.

So, the last leg of the story, is that challenges and hurdles exist, but women seem determined to overcome them. And 2019, looks like there is no stopping Indian women entrepreneurs, from achieving their ambitions! 

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