West Bengal Day (June 20, 2022): Focusing on Government schemes & Incentives in West Bengal


Why is June 20th West Bengal Day? It’s quite fitting that June celebrates the joy of the state exactly where the ‘City of Joy’ is situated!!  West Bengal Day or Poschimbongo Divas is celebrated on June 20th when historically the Bengali Hindus decided to carve out a separate
province and join India. 

In the eternal state of Joy, the typical Bengali is always in search of achieving his or her dream. And, tracing back to the immensely glorious days of Rabindranath Tagore, the iconic poet and writer, still inspires millions today. Good music, theatre, dance, literature, cinema keeps them motivated. And, women seek to turn their skills into a sustainable activity that goes a long way
to make them independent financially.  So, here are some government schemes and incentives
that aspiring women entrepreneurs can turn to – to make their business dreams a reality.

Government schemes & Incentives in West Bengal

• The Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)
The Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) contributes prominently towards industrial production, employment generation, exports and developing the entrepreneurial foundation. It plays a pivotal role for faster, sustainable and overall socio-economical augmentation in Indian economy. The state government’s Karma Sathi Prakalpa has attracted many entrepreneurs to
the MSME sector; this scheme provides loans to one lakh youths every year, and each beneficiary can avail of a loan up to Rs 2 lakh under the scheme. Apart from loans, the state
government also provides subsidies for taking up new projects. Know more….


 West Bengal Women Development Undertaking  (WBWDU)
The West Bengal Women Development Undertaking was introduced in July 1993. The objective of this undertaking was – to plan, promote, undertake and evaluate programmes for enhancing
entrepreneurship and ensuring self employment among women in the fields of trade, business
service etc. Most prominently, this will encourage women to earn and improve their standard of living; to undertake employment generation programme in agro-based cottage and small scale and other industries by providing adequate information, training and financial assistance, etc. which can assist women in setting up co-operatives, associations or other bodies for improving their vocational pursuit. 

The primary objectives of WBWDU are – to take up projects or schemes for promoting the social and economic welfare of and the up-liftment of women in the State of West Bengal; to plan, promote, undertake and assess programmes for promoting entrepreneurship and generating self employment among women in or with regard to agricultural development, horticulture, dairy and other farming, and livelihood activities or any other activity which will enable women to earn a better living and help them improve their standard of living; to undertake employment generation programmes by providing adequate know-how, training, managerial assistance, and financial assistance and to assist women in setting up co-operatives, associations or other bodies for improving their vocational pursuits; to arrange, assist, provide working capital to the persons and organizations affiliated to the undertaking and to coordinate, supervise and control activities of affiliated societies and personnel indebted to the Undertaking (which shall exist solely for philanthropic purposes and not for purposes of profits). Read for more information….


Presently, the undertaking is implementing two major products, which are Swabalamban
(NOARD) project and Swayamsiddha funded by department of Women and Child development, Govt. of India, Ministry of HRD.


• The West Bengal Small Industries Development Corporation Limited (WBSIDCL)
Formed, in 1961, this body extends financial assistance and promotes SSI in the state under the
Department of Cottage and Small Scale Industries of Government of West Bengal. It
encourages training of diversified activities of industrial and commercial estates all over the
state. Besides infrastructural support, it also helps in marketing of products to the SSI units, and in supply of raw materials and promotes the activity in all possible ways. This assistance helps the development of SSI sector, which in turn enhances the economic growth and generates employment opportunities in the State. Read for more information …..


• Directorate of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
In the present scenario of industrialization, the task of motivating the future generation
entrepreneurs is the focus throughout the State. Considering the real need, the Directorate of
Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, wants to adopt more intensive services for elimination of communication gap. Before planning to set up any micro, small or medium enterprise, strong determination and calculated risk taking ability are must and form the basic strength. Read for more information …..


Start-up Bengal
It is an initiative of West Bengal Government to develop the small business enterprises and
improve the start-up ecosystem in West Bengal. This initiative is to mark the development of
entrepreneurs in business both nationally and globally. The portal connects entrepreneurs and
investors, it evaluates the proposals submitted by entrepreneurs on the basis of financial
parameters, it provides digital gateway for application and transparent identification of eligible
proposals, it also connects entrepreneurs and professional experts, bankers, professional
institutions, consultants and industry leaders. For more information, read…..


This is a portal set up by the West Bengal Government for accessing all information and
requirements for setting up an MSME unit in the state of West Bengal. The government will provide all the incentives required for setting up business and the portal contains all information related to the incentives given by the government. The website also provides online facility for registration and renewal of their business enterprises under the Factory Act and also for EM I and EM II registration. For more information, read…..


• MSME web portal
This web portal was developed by West Bengal’s MSME department, in collaboration with the
knowledge partner IIM Calcutta. The main objective is to connect entrepreneurs, investors and
professional experts. The Department seeks to partner with the business community, investors
and intellectual capital – to invest in a range of areas that will help the State manage future
growth and change in the years ahead. For more information, read…..


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