US continues to exist as a beacon
of entrepreneurialism


On centre-stage: Some inspiring women entrepreneurs from the United States of America

Women-owned business statistics reveal that women are even more likely to start a business than men. These are the statistics on women-owned businesses you need to know. 42% of all U.S. businesses are owned by women ie 13 million. Women- owned businesses employ over 9.4 million workers. Some more recent stats show that 16.5 % of all US adults are currently new entrepreneurs (GEM, 2022). In other words, around one out of every six adults is starting or running a new business.

So, America remains a beacon of entrepreneurialism. 

Presenting some inspiring women entrepreneurs from the United States of America.

> Jessica Chou, Founder, Jessicann YouTube channel

The champion of storytelling that inspires women and girl empowerment – Jessica Chou is the Los Angeles-based Youtuber who is empowering girls and at the same time, disrupting a male-dominated industry. Her channel is called Jessicann (And You Can Too!) and is full of videos – where girls and women can learn the basics of fixing their car without feeling intimidated. She produced her first film which became the target of critical acclaim: The former head of production of Women Rising, is now dedicated to her Jessicann YouTube channel which heartens more women to learn about cars.

> Pamela Slim, Author & Director, Barclays Global Investors

Pamela Slim is not only a brilliant author, community builder, consultant but also a former corporate director of training and development at Barclays Global Investors. In the beginning of her business venture, her major focus was on – creating and delivering training programs and public speaking seminars for huge companies as 3Com, HP, Cisco System, Charles Schwab, and Chevron.

> Anit Hora, Founder, Mullein & Sparrow

Anit Hora is a curious, unique mix – the initiator of extravagant, vegan apothecary line, Mullein & Sparrow. Born in Bombay, she now lives in Brooklyn. After spending a long journey in backpacking throughout South America she ultimately returned to New York. And she enrolled herself at the Aveda Institute to gain more knowledge about – holisticism and herbalism while, at the same tiome, consecutively studying to become a yoga teacher and creating her very own brand. Her products are now successfully being carried at Anthropologie, Birchbox and several local retailers across the United States!

> Lexie Komisar, Founding member, IBM Digital Innovation Lab

Lexie Komisar a senior head and founding member at IBM’s Digital Innovation Lab, which recently released tools to facilitate developers so that can use Watson, IBM’s advanced AI platform. She leads development, growth, and monetization of the Messaging business partner ecosystem across WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger globally. Here, a lot of work is being done on digital health and innovation for the Clinton Foundation. Nonetheless, she is also running the Lady Boss Collective networking resource for women who are in business.

> Blair Brettschneider, Founder, Girl Forward

Blair Brettchneider is a founder of Girl Forward. It is a non-profit organization founded in 2011 by her. It is dedicated to empowering refugee girls aged 12 to 21 from over 30 different countries, who have resettled in areas around Chicago, Illinois, and Austin, Texas.

Actually, she began educating a teen refugee girl who was the inspiration behind what would become Girl Forward. The nonprofit has successfully facilitated approximately 200 female refugees in the U.S. mentorship, schooling and governance prospects.

> Joanne Yuan, Associate Partner, Cowboy Ventures

Joanne Yuan is an associate partner at Cowboy Ventures. Yuan who became a part of the $95 million raised VC fund in January 2015, after toiling almost thirty hours per week for the female-centric firm while still being a permanent student at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. She has successfully sourced contracts including Branch Metrics and founded the Investment Committee of the Women’s Building, which facilitates about 20,000 women and families every year.

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