Unity in Diversity – Uniting a diverse workforce to create a team!


Our nation has long been an example of finding unity in diversity. Now, it is time that we incorporated this into various domains of our lives to reap high yields. For instance, in the corporate world, it has been observed that when there is a diverse team, each team member is able to gain perspective into the other person’s world. They, thus, can become more understanding of the other over time, and hence, it can lead to better communication for the team overall. With better communication, team performance also improves. Hence it is essential to unite a diverse workforce to create a ‘productive team’. For this, creating clear goals, steps and processes, and communicating these to each team member without discriminating is peremptory. After all, it is the differences among individuals which bring in innovation and variety and help drive a company’s success.

Building High-Performing Diverse Teams at Work –

  1. With the changing tides of time, and the paradigm shifts brought about by COVID, today, the role of HR in encouraging diversity cannot be undermined. From encouraging inclusive behaviours in the workplace, making everyone feel valued, to developing a strategic training program for team-members, HR leaders play an important part in team building. Above all, building a more inclusive culture by putting a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination in place and constructing a favourable work environment for team members with physical disabilities will promote unity in diversity like never before and is perhaps one of the most important tasks HR leaders have at hand.
  2. Redefine the hiring process and acknowledging the potential of employees, irrespective of their gender, class, caste, race or religion will enhance the process of building a diverse team. Promoting pay equity too will accelerate the process of welcoming fresh talent and ensure a seamless flow of diversified talent into the company.
  3. Another way to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace is to be aware of unconscious bias and also communicate the importance of managing bias among team members. It is only when we instil within us the feeling of ‘one-ness’, will we be able to co-work and co-create as one! Ensuring that everyone understands the benefits of diversity is extremely important.
  4. Respecting and celebrating workforce differences and  deliberately mixing up of teams is another step towards building a diverse yet united team. Mixing team members allows employees to mingle with everyone, learn to co-operate, adjust to each other’s behavioural patterns  and co-create in unison.
  5. Acknowledge at least one holiday of all cultures will not only make every team-member, (belonging to any culture) feel valued but will also add to the number of days/occasions team members and managers can bond over in merry-making and celebrations. You also have to bear in mind that addressing the needs and preferences of everyone at office  events, such as parties, will also aid in creating a strong bond amongst employees.
  6. Encouraging open communications will further help diverse workforce to perform to their full potential.. You can  schedule monthly team meetings where team members can engage in open and candid discussions about diversity. You can also offer employees opportunities to showcase their cultures and traditions by hosting cultural events at least twice a year.

Diversity is the art of thinking independently together! It is India’s strength- let’s leverage it as we charge ahead towards a better tomorrow.

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