Tribute to Women Entrepreneurs in Odisha


Motivating female entrepreneurs and inspiring women to start, run and grow their businesses, is in the spotlight in Odisha and, the CM has also been driving this initiative with much enthusiasm. Women entrepreneurs from both urban and rural areas of the state, are trying to make a mark with their new businesses and startups, which was evident at the Women’s Business Mela that was held recently.

Here we are acknowledging six prominent women entrepreneurs from Odisha.

> Nazia Ali, Founder, Lovely Obsessionz
The spirit of entrepreneurship is truly ingrained in Nazia Ali, Founder, Lovely Obsessionz. Her
business took shape in 2015, when she combined her passion for art and business, and launched Lovely Obsessionz – a gifting solution company based out of Bhubaneswar. Currently, she is also actively involved in various Women Entrepreneurial groups in Bhubaneswar and works closely with World Trade Centre – to display her products in both national and international exhibitions.

> Rashmi Mohapatra, Founder, Rass
After it was launched, Raas – founded by Rahsmi Mohapatra has forged ahead and evolved into a strong brand, with a loyal ever-increasing customer base. The aim is to deliver premium art in the form of fashion that highlights the indigenous weaving crafts of Odisha. At the same time, it has shifted focus to the extremely talented but little-known Odiya Ikat weaving community, opening up economic opportunities that they truly deserve.

> Dr Lita Mohapatra, Founder & Director, Losjovens Clinilogic Pvt. Ltd
Dr Lita Mohapatra has worked as a medical practitioner in India and Australia, and was awarded the Times Health Icon 2019. Pursuing her research interest in medicine, she has adequate qualifications from reneowned Universities in Australia. Dr.Mohapatra moved ahead striving for excellence which culminated in the launch of her own entrepreneurial venture – Losjovens Clinilogic Pvt. Ltd, and her vision is to establish clinilogic centers at local, national and at international sites.

> Shyama Jha, Founder Millet Magic Foundation
Millet Magic Foundation is a duly registered trust in Odisha, based in Bhubaneswar that was
founded by Shyama Jha. It is her dream project that has a vision to “make healthy eating fun
for everyone”. The brand is Wow Mom Foods which aims at bringing millet into the mainstream market. To develop a complete ecosystem through collaboration and coexistence is her mantra.

> Anupama Padhi, Founder, Dhaani-Foods
Anupama Padhi, the founder and CEO of Dhaanikala (eco-friendly rural & traditional
handicrafts) and Dhaani-Foods (farm to home organic & naturally grown food products), was
awarded the Best Woman Entrepreneur Award at the 2nd Conclave Anantya 2022. Tracing her journey reveals that she was looking for healthier, organic and natural alternatives for her family’s needs, and discovered that there were others searching for this too! So she ended up providing alternative foods, and Dhaani-Foods was born.

> Rasmita Choudhury, Founder & Director, DSCR TECHNO SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED
Rasmita Choudhury, Founder & Director with DSCR TECHNO SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED, which is based in Khorda, Odisha, India. Incorporated in 2017, the company is considered to be the best digital marketing company in Odisha providing SEO, SMO, SEM, SMM, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Web Designing, Web Hosting, App Development and Digital Marketing training.

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