Thriving Women Entrepreneurs: Colorado’s Business Landscape

In Focus: Some Government Schemes, Incentives & Grants for Women Entrepreneurs from Colorado

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Colorado has been nicknamed the “Centennial State” because it became a state in the year 1876, 100 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Interestingly, Colorado also is called “Colorful Colorado,” presumably because of the magnificent scenery of mountains, rivers, and plains.

Colorado stands out as a top state for female entrepreneurs, boasting a vibrant ecosystem that fosters women-owned businesses’ growth and success. According to the 2019 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report commissioned by American Express, Colorado ranks 10th among states where women-owned businesses wield significant economic influence.

The “Centennial State” is home to three of the nation’s top 10 cities for women to own businesses, with Boulder leading the pack as the prime destination for female entrepreneurship. Notably, ‘startup haven’ Boulder boasts of the highest number of women-owned businesses nationwide. Denver follows closely behind, securing the third spot, while Fort Collins claims the 10th position. This thriving entrepreneurial landscape positions Colorado as a beacon of opportunity and innovation for aspiring female business owners.

From fintech to cleantech, women-led startups in the Centennial State are disrupting industries and shattering glass ceilings. With a startup survival rate of 76.86% and one of the highest percentages of new businesses nationally, Colorado provides a fertile ground for entrepreneurs to flourish and thrive. The state’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurship is evident in its high concentration of women-owned businesses, which stands at an impressive 10.39%, the highest in the entire country.

For women entrepreneurs embarking on their business journey, Colorado offers a supportive environment and a community of like-minded individuals, ensuring that they are in good company as they navigate the path to success.

So, let’s delve into some schemes, initiatives and grants that women entrepreneurs from Colorado can avail of.

> Colorado Business Women (CBW)

Colorado Business Women (CBW) is a dynamic women’s professional organization dedicated to empowering, connecting, and advancing women in business through enriching networking events, professional development opportunities, and meaningful community outreach, fostering both personal growth and business success.

Colorado Business Women is a professional organization and Not-For-Profit, which has been passionately serving Colorado business women for more than 43 years with purpose!

CBW’s vision is to be the place where Colorado business women want to connect and do business.

Their mission is to inspire and empower women in business and build connections through an inclusive community that supports and celebrates women.

> Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce (CWCC)

The Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1988 as a non-profit designed to give women a bigger voice in business. It aims to educate, connect, and partner with women to support their current roles and future goals.

Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce (CWCC) provides a location where you can grow your business and career – and make our community and economy stronger. As the leading non-profit in Colorado that advances women’s leadership, and as one of the largest women’s chambers of commerce in the United States, members can gain as far as many factors go – like connections, resources, and education. Joining CWCC means you are part of the movement to advance women in all aspects of work.

This resource is perfect for any woman who wants to be recognized for her influence in the business community. It can also be a great way to receive additional training and forge professional partnerships.

> The Power of WE

WE is Inspired by Women to Ignite Positive Change. WE offers thought-provoking content, resources and tools to inspire women’s leadership development, creativity, and innovation. It also shares the many Federal, State and local funding opportunities that are available to women and highlights tools and resources to support women owned businesses.

This year’s theme will focus on – Amplifying Purpose + People + Profit. WE encourages and supports Colorado women-owned businesses and entrepreneurs – by providing self-awareness tools and practices, and creating an environment to ignite positive change in women’s professional and personal development.

WE also discusses the community scale challenges and collaborates on methodologies to support new directions.

> Women of Denver

Women of Denver provides up-to-date information about free business resources in the city. From mentorship to financial advice, members receive the information they need to successfully begin or grow their businesses.

This is suitable for any women in Denver who want to learn about new and existing opportunities that can help drive their careers forward.

> eWomen Network

WomensNet assists women with finding and applying for grants and funding opportunities. It also promotes the Amber Grant Foundation, a nationwide opportunity designed to give women entrepreneurs the funding to support their enterprises.

This resource is excellent for women who need advice to navigate the financial world of business start-ups.

Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies – Resources for Businesses and Start-Ups The Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies provides business owners with a list of resources that they can use to apply for a business license, receive counseling, and learn more about resource tax initiatives.

Anyone in Colorado who wants to learn more about how to optimize their small business for greater success can use this facility.

> Colorado Small Business Development Center Network

The Colorado Small Business Development Center Network provides free consulting and affordable training – to entrepreneurs across the state. They’ve helped clients obtain $85 million in capital formation and $73 million in contracts. This resource is perfect for women with big dreams and even bigger ambition. Anyone looking to expand their business will benefit from this group.

> SCORE Denver

SCORE provides women in Denver with mentorship, training, and resources to help them start a business, create a business plan, and develop their operations. This is all provided for little to no cost through SCORE.

Who it’s right for any woman who wants to understand more about the many forces at work in Denver that can either help or hurt a business.

> Workplace Resource – WBENC

The Workplace Resource is committed to bridging the separations that can hold women back. By practicing inclusion and diversity, this group can help inspire the larger business community and create lasting change.

Any woman who wants to be a part of a progressive organization, while getting the help and support necessary to grow her career can reach out to this resource.

> Loveland Business Development Center

The Loveland Business Development Center (LBCD) gives people more information on local, state, and federal resources. This center teaches business owners how to comply with regulations, obtain funding, and stay on top of changing legislation.

This resource is perfect for women business owners who want to develop lasting partnerships with key professionals and officials in the Loveland area.

> eWomen Network

The eWomenNetwork is a nationwide group that helps women connect with one another. Leaders organize events that allow women to explore partnerships across industries and interests. This resource is perfect for any woman in the Colorado Springs area who wants to expand her professional connections.

> Women in Business Club (MBA)

The Women in Business Club is run through the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado at Boulder. The group is primarily a networking resource that promotes gender equality through events, workshops, and speaker panels.

Any woman in the university who wants to connect with notable talents and rising stars in her industry can use this connection.

> Startup Colorado

Startup Colorado is non-profit organization that supports rural entrepreneurs and ecosystem builders in 53 rural counties across Colorado. They provide help for both entrepreneurs and ecosystem builders access the human, social, and financial capital they need to build thriving businesses.

Incidentally, Colorado’s rural communities are giving rise to some of the most exciting business opportunities in the state – from scalable tech to Main Street retail – but numerous challenges remain. The growing cost-of-living and housing crises, lack of childcare, and difficulties accessing a skilled workforce are among many of the issues rural entrepreneurs face. The team understands many of the pain points firsthand, and they also stay there to provide assistance.

They develop grassroots, community-led programming that matches the unique needs of each startup community. They are actually building a culture of potential for rural entrepreneurs.

> Amber Grants for Women

Amber Grants for Women is a good starting place for women wanting to set their own startup. Business women from Colorado (and all over North America) are eligible to apply. In fact, 2018 March Amber Grant winner Know Your Norma hails from Denver!

The judges award THREE $10,000 Amber Grant each month; and if you’re one of our three winners, you’re automatically eligible for one of our THREE $25,000 year-end Amber Grants. So, you can take some time out, to fill out the simple application and, it could truly be life -changing.

> 81 Women Grants for Colorado

Grants for women entrepreneurs, seed money to individual women, college grants for women, small business grants for women, enterprise grants and grants for minority women.

> Other programs & incentives for women entrepreneurs

A range of other programs & incentives for women entrepreneurs, are available including:

  • Colorado Credit Reserve: Helps businesses that may have difficulty accessing bank loans
  • Colorado Film Incentive: Offers up to 20% rebate for qualified film production expenses
  • Advanced industries export grant: Helps teams of Colorado-based technology businesses and non-profits develop new large-scale projects
  • Women Entrepreneurship Platform (WEP): Provides access to programs for incubation, acceleration, entrepreneurship skilling, mentorship, marketing assistance, funding, compliance, tax, community, and networking
  • FedEx Small Business Grant: Awards grants of up to $50,000 to worthy winners each year
  • Comcast Innovation Fund: Provides grants to support technology and research for the betterment of the internet 


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