The Unique Challenges of being a Parent-cum-Entrepreneur


Sheatwork pinpoints at how “mompreneurs” manage to walk the talk on the occasion of Global Day of Parents: June 1

As such, many women find it difficult to balance work and home, but we have seen that today they walk the tight-rope very well. In fact, women the world over, are breaking the glass ceiling and rising to top slots in many sectors. This is especially true in Indian business scene.

Not only do they hold top posts, but also manage to bring about the perfect work-life balance. But then, you may ask, what is the scene like, when the woman is a parent and has kids waiting at home?

In many ways, these “womenpreneurs” or “parentpreneurs” or “mompreneurs” stretch themselves out between the two critical factors – the children they’re raising and the business they’re growing. Both require constant nurturing and attention to grow and reach success, especially in their early stages; and entrepreneurial parents must learn to carefully plan and prioritize their time – to ensure that both spaces get the attention and care they need and deserve.

At this point, we focus on Global Day of Parents (June 1). Basically, this day honours parents across the globe – basking in the opportunity to appreciate parents for their selfless commitment to their children and the endless sacrifice levied towards nurturing this relationship, throughout their lives.

The Day was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 2012, so it was first celebrated in 2013.  In its resolution, the General Assembly also highlighted that the family has the primary responsibility for the nurturing and protecting their children, and they held the responsibility to shape the harmonious development of their personalities. So, it is important that children should grow up in a happy family environment, where love and understanding is placed first.

A unique challenge: being a parent & entrepreneur

Being a working parent is hard. But being a woman entrepreneur and a parent is a different scene altogether. How could “mompreneurs” attempt to manage the difficult and sometimes, mind-grappling situations expertly? Here are some tips they could consider:

  • Learn to delegate

It will be difficult to manage everything, so delegating the work is important. Work will be a handful, but delegate it and work will flow smoothly.

  • Prioritize your personal well-being

Adopt mindfulness or relaxation practices, for you have to put your personal well-being on top priority. Then only will you be able to put your best foot forward.

  • Create clear boundaries

Since you have to divide your time between work and home, be clear about chalking time boundaries. Define when you are available for your kids and for your colleagues.

  • Control your work schedules and plans

You should control your work schedules and hours spent on work which will involve planning, implementing, crisis handling and so on. So you will have enough time for your role at home as a parent.

  • Schedule tasks accordingly

As a “mompreneur”, there are times when you will have to be more hands-on as a parent.  So, the answer is to schedule tasks that require intense brainstorming or client interaction during that time when the kids are comfortable at home. Plus they will not  come in the way, and interfere with your work.

  • Give it all that you have: 100%

You realise that you not only have a home to run, but a business to run too. So, choose when you would be 100% focused on your business, or 100% focused on your children. Ensure you have support at home, so you can devote enough time for both your business and your family. When you give your 100%, then success is bound to come into the picture!

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