The secret of successful entrepreneurship

The secret of successful entrepreneurship - SheAtWork

Building your own business can be a truly amazing journey and a life-changing experience. In today’s economy, quite a number of people may think of starting their own business at some point, and become entrepreneurs. Especially, where women are concerned, they may think of working from home, or even turning their passion into a business!

But, being an entrepreneur means that you are in control and you have to take the reins. It may not always come naturally to all, because it is dicey. For instance, you need to be disciplined and you must be willing to work hard. You should be ready to take setbacks in your stride.

If you are interested, there are some secrets to becoming successful in your venture. Here it goes…

  • Be technology-conscious

Since technology will become more and more disruptive, it is bound to have an impact on business (which is already happening!). This refers to an innovation that makes a huge change in the business scene, which connects ideas that haven’t been there before – to tap into a completely new market.

We have seen many small startups overtaking industry giants, clearly displaying  disruption. Airbnb is a perfect example, which took on the entire hotel industry and it worked. Then we have OYO, OLX, OLA, Uber and so on.

So, entrepreneurs need to pay heed to technology and get updated as much as possible. Who knows, they may create their own business which may turn around the industry!

  • Focus on Gen Z

The millennials have been the target of marketers, as have brands been trying to understand their needs and cater to them.

But, today time has come to focus on Gen Z, who are getting older, which means they are beginning to enter the workforce. Plus they also possess buying power.

This generation insists on these things: they seek authenticity and they prefer socially responsible businesses. They’re growing up in an uncertain world and many countries are  struggling with their economies, so they’re more likely to turn to companies that make the world a better place.

As Gen Z brings a whole new dynamic to the workforce, entrepreneurs should keep them in focus.

  • Tap your passion

To build a sustainable, long-term and high impact business, it takes time and a lot of effort.  During the initial start-up phase, it will happen that you will be spending a lot of time setting things up and getting the ball rolling.  So, find something that you are passionate about and be excited to spend time on it!  Do what you love and love what you do!

With, passion, both your team and your customers are more likely to see your vision and be excited to be part of your journey too.

  • Always be on learning mode

Successful entrepreneurs are always learning!  Whether you are a first time business owner, or you are already have a successful business running, you must be open to learning and continue to learn, along the way.  Continuous learning and personal development is the key to succeed both in business, and in life too.

The greatest investment you could ever make is in your own personal development.  You can’t live a rich life without this, nor have a business working successfully.  So, change your mind, change your career and life.


No matter how great is your vision, to build a successful business, it always depends on the execution!  Successful entrepreneurs understand that they need to aim for progress, not always perfection.  So, keep moving forward and never, never quit!

It’s important to remember – always embrace your journey!  Enjoy your journey and celebrate every milestone you strike, along the way!

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