The Rise of Opportunity-Driven Women Entrepreneurs in Serbia

On centre-stage: Some inspiring women entrepreneurs from Serbia

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In the heart of Serbia, a dynamic landscape of women entrepreneurs is emerging – weaving connections, fostering creativity and pushing business acceleration. The recently released “Study on Women’s Entrepreneurship in Serbia,” conducted by the independent Serbian think-tank SeConS with support from the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development of the Republic of Serbia, unveils intriguing insights into this vibrant ecosystem.

As per the study, women entrepreneurs constitute 31.2% of all entrepreneurs, with a significant 70% categorized as “new” entrepreneurs. The shifting demographics also reveal an evolving landscape – the average age of women entrepreneurs has risen to 46, reflecting a 5-year difference from what it was a decade ago. Quite significantly, this signifies a changing narrative, where entrepreneurial pursuits are increasingly driven by opportunity rather than necessity.

Amidst formidable challenges, including the disruptive impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, women entrepreneurs today, showcased remarkable resilience.

Government measures played a pivotal role, with over a fifth of women entrepreneurs reporting that the pandemic had no substantial impact on their businesses. In the face of adversity, these women are not merely surviving but thriving, contributing to the dynamic transformation of Serbia’s entrepreneurial landscape.

Here are some inspiring women entrepreneurs from Serbia.

> Gaia Montelatici, Co-Founder, Impact Hub Belgrade

Gaia Montelatici, Co-Founder of Studio X Ventures, which is a VC firm supporting startups from the Western Balkans countries. Her other achievements include the fact that she is also an expert, mentor, and Co-Founder of Impact Hub Belgrade, an international organization created to support cleantech entrepreneurs, gender – diverse founders, and digital media startups. Prior to this, she was CEO Venture Growth Accelerator and was a Senior Sector Policy Expert at PM Group.

> Natasa Kazic, Co-Founder of 5GTalks & Head of Product, Ananas

Natsa Kazic has a rich background – of having been a Consultant and a Startup Mentor at Impact Hub Belgrade, with a mission to support companies and search for new growth opportunities. One can describe her as an enterprising entrepreneur with more than 20 years of presence in the Serbian business scene, having a varied experience in business administration, strategy, and marketing. Natsa is a Co-Founder of 5GTalks and a Head of Product at Ananas E-commerce.

> Branislava Gajić-Stanojević, Co-Founder, Infosund

Branislava Gajić Stanojević, Co-Founder, Infosund is an entrepreneur, executive, and startup founder. For over 20 years she has been connected with Infosund, which is a part of the leading internet company in Serbia, Inspira Group, and part of ALMA Career Group, which includes employment sites in 12 European countries. Majorly, Infosund is a center for employment and career development, effectively connecting employers with potential candidates.

> Anja Varničić- Co-Founder, UrbiGo

As a person passionate about plants and technology, it is not surprising that Anja Varničić has co-founded UrbiGo, a startup delivering IoT device for urban gardening, which unifies hardware, software, and botanics to change the form of gardening in urban homes. She is also a Founder and Manager of the Youth Environmental Association EcoHub, an organisation aiming to spread enviromental awareness across Serbia. In the past, her experience covers – marketing, content development, and mentoring.

> Ivana Zirojević, Co-Founder & CEO, SrediMe

Ivana Zirojević is a Co-Founder and CEO of SerdiMe, an innovative online service aiming to improve the beauty salon appointment experiences. What’s more, she is also a Founder of Donesi, which is a leading online food delivery marketplace in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Her past reveals that she also held a position in the PR department at Zepter International and at the Ministry of Finance and the Economy Republic of Serbia.

> Dusica Lukic, Co-Founder, Joberty

With more than 10 years of experience, especially in the IT and telecommunication industries Dusica Lukic has a rich past. She is a product manager, focused on designing and developing web and mobile solutions. She co-founded Joberty, a workplace community for developers and tech firms, where entrepreneurs can review companies, connect, and find jobs in the tech industry. As per her past experience, she held several positions as Product Manager at companies such as Pollard Digital Solutions and Telcom Srbija.


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