The Power of Ideas@Ideathon


Without ‘ideas’, you cannot make any progress. Without ideas, change doesn’t happen, and it does have an impact on human or business development. When you put your mind to work, whatever the focus, it’s important to remember – don’t hesitate or be afraid of what you think. It’s all about exploring possibilities, trying out new methods. And stepping into the world of entrepreneurship, where you are answerable to no one but yourself – because, you are the boss.

Why are ideas important in business? Business ideas can launch a product or service, it can create sales and profit; and with sales and profits, comes the scope to invest in more products and services, enabling the business to grow. That said and done, if you have a good idea, you are more likely to tide over competition and strike success.

What is ‘idea’ in entrepreneurship? An idea is the first milestone in the process of building a successful business. The characteristics of a promising business idea are: it has to be innovative, it must be unique, and it must solve problems.

And, it was the power of ideas that took centre stage at the Youth Ideathon event. Sheatwork partnered with ThinkStartup, MEPSC & CBSE India to roll out India @75 (AzadiKaAmritMahotsav): ‘YOUTH IDEATHON 2022’. To recall, the Youth Ideathon is a festival of entrepreneurial thinking that features exciting rewards and recognition opportunities for students, mentor teachers, and schools. Through this initiative, the effort is to guide youngsters, help them identify societal problems, propose solutions, and most importantly, help in moving into real-time solutions. So, the idea of entrepreneurship is introduced to them at such an early stage.

So, you have a business idea, and what’s the next thing you need to do? It is a starting point for any current or future entrepreneur. Indeed, this is essential, the beginning of a new life – the life of a business owner and an entrepreneur. But, an idea is essential only in the initial stage of a startup. The impact of good business ideas will certainly be felt in all stages of a company’s development, but a large part will depend on other entrepreneurial activities planned and implemented.

The power of ideas had struck a chord with the young generation. Students were excited about this activity. Anjan Dass, studying in Class 12 at Lotus Valley International School felt “It’s a great initiative and they can spread awareness by introducing this subject to many more schools. Here students can come up with solutions and become self-reliant too.”

Thinking of ideas empowers anyone. And, if it works out a business plan it can really be greatly inspiring. This was clearly expressed by Anjali Gupta, a student of Class 12 at Government Girls’Senior Secondary School, Tekhand. She said, “Learning about entrepreneurship is very good. I have learned a lot and I can tell you that self-confidence has really improved in me and my friends.”

So, it was indeed, ideating at Ideathon! And how!!

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