The ‘Magic’ of Coffee: Unleashing Creativity!


On International Coffee Day (October 1, 2022) sheatwork scans the impact of drinking coffee and whether it is beneficial for entrepreneurs.

International Coffee Day is celebrated on October 1 with the aim of appreciating millions of coffee growers in the world, who ensure that coffee lovers never run out of the supply of their favorite beverage. The day actually celebrates our favorite drink, clearly expressing our love for the aromatic drink. Initiated in Japan, it was officially declared as International Coffee Day in 2015. Moreover, the day also promotes fair trade of coffee across the world.

On this day, coffee lovers celebrate by experimenting on new recipes of the beverage; they also drink them with passion, and even go out to organize various ‘coffee’ events in cafes and coffee outlets.

Key to Creativity

Studying the ‘purpose’ of coffee, we remember that since coffee contains ‘caffeine’, this popular beverage can help people feel less tired, increase energy levels, burn fat by jump-starting the body’s metabolism and also improve productivity and brain function – including memory, moods and reactions. So, it should be a productive accompaniment to any number of activities we are involved in, especially at the workplace. And, a sip of coffee at a coffee break can do wonders to unleash your creativity at work!

What is the ‘magic’ of coffee? Why ‘coffee culture’ works in the workplace? It’s no secret that caffeine is immensely popular today. Acup of coffee in the morning can help jumpstart your day, and many people rely on coffee to help them get through long hours at work. In recent years, coffee culture has become a preferred way for people to interact with their co-workers; and it goes a long way to build relationships that go beyond business. At its core, a ‘coffee culture’ refers to the social aspects of drinking coffee delightfully, with your co-workers.

Coffee as a Business Venture Attracts Entrepreneurs

Coffee is a mature business. Many coffee companies are multi-generational operations often enjoying decades or centuries of success. Entrepreneurs at all levels find it challenging to enter the coffee business. While we value creativity and innovation, the industry also places greater importance onproduct knowledge of coffee.

The coffee industry on a continued pattern, attracts entrepreneurs from a variety of industries. Women entrepreneurs dealing with ‘coffee’ are indeed, changing the business scene in the country too. Talking of India’s cafe revolution, women are indeed, leading the way in the ‘bean business’.

Tip to Boost Creativity Among Entrepreneurs

How can you boost creativity in entrepreneurship? Here is a tip for entrepreneurs who are enveloped in the coffee business. Quite frankly, this can apply to anyone in any business scenario.

Take occasional breaks: Over-working yourself does not speak well for your health or creativity. Boost your entrepreneurial creativity by taking time off – to relax like you may listen to a song or read a magazine. It’s important to know when to keep working and when to take an extra five minutes off, for sipping the next cup of coffee.

Or you can go out for a drink. It maybe that you trade the coffee mug for something else. You may step out with a few of your creative colleagues and let the ideas fly!!

So, leveraging the ‘coffee culture’ is a definite plus point!

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