Stop Procrastinating the idea of becoming a Women Entrepreneur!


Don’t we all give in to procrastination some time or the other? Procrastination is an odd force. Everyone has experienced it. After all, what does it do? It delays the very activities that bring us closer to our goals.  It could be moving from the ‘big idea’ to something concrete or setting out to build a thriving business. So, why don’t we just move ahead towards that brighter future?

If you are an entrepreneur, just take that step. And, if you are a woman entrepreneur, and have been having second thoughts, don’t waste another second…take up the task right now!

Just think –  why are you delaying certain tasks? Perhaps if you identified the root cause, you could push to the edge of productivity. The “just do it” approach works sometimes. Think about the last time you started a new project or business endeavor. You probably felt excited and energized by the challenge. Once the task gets done, it will be time for the small celebration!

Here are four factors that might be lurking behind your bad habit:

  • You are confused and don’t know where to start

In today’s fast-paced rat-race, you may feel lost. Endless to-do lists can bog you down, making you feel like you don’t know where or when to start. Founders are especially prone to these feelings because there’s rarely a clear path forward. Like most entrepreneurs, you also may be wearing many hats and may be juggling a packed schedule. It’s normal to feel shaky and uncertain, specially when starting something new. Just tell yourself – it’s OK not to have the answers.

Look around for advice or answers. Brainstorming solutions with friends, mentors and advisors can help you clear out your priorities.

  • You’re afraid of failure

Founders many live in fear of making bad decisions, of suddenly embracing failure. Some fear failure so intensely they are prone to cutting corners all the time. Some struggle with being ‘perfect’ during the early days of starting out. Just think you could have grown faster, if you were not a bootstrapped founder! Don’t fear failure. It’s how you get to the right answer, that is important.

Having high standards isn’t bad. Everyone knows success takes a lot of perseverance, grit, and strong principles. Sort out the difference between who we are and what we achieve; this can put a halt to fear-based procrastination.

  • Sometimes, you don’t like the task

Some activities aren’t fun. Building a business also requires many unexciting activities. People put off dull, boring, or uninspiring tasks because they don’t feel like tackling them.

Just consider this. We have bought into the idea, but without consciously realizing it, to be motivated and effective we need to take action. So, instead of waiting for that “motivational lightning” to strike, you just get down to serious planning. First, identify the steps required to complete a task. Next, and most important, determine where and when you’ll act. And, this process doesn’t require willpower; that is important, because a lack of willpower, in the traditional sense, might lead you to postpone things in the first place!

  • Empower yourself

With the power of self-knowledge, you can’t go wrong. Everyone has different motivations, goals and personalities, so it makes sense that everyone also has different reasons for procrastinating. Once you understand what’s blocking you, it’s easier to choose the best solution. After all, it’s more important to know yourself, experiment and choose what works for you.

Many startup founders have gone through this phase. You can get some comfort in this. So, what are you waiting for? Move, now!!!

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