Sometimes offering internships may be a better solution than offering jobs


Most importantly, the goal of higher education is to prepare students to achieve success in their future careers. While attaining a level of academic rigor and gaining important life skills can be considered crucial aspects of what students receive while in college, it is also becoming critical to assess the value of experiential learning.

Today, in such uncertain times of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been many disruptions – and businesses have had to find innovative solutions. The work culture has also undergone changes and ‘remote’ working style has become an acceptable answer. Budgets have become tighter too.

So, for small businesses, it may be a better solution to offer internships than offering jobs. And, employers can benefit from offering internships. It is a fact that students definitely benefit from going through the experience of internships. Employers will also encounter a number of unique advantages when they open their doors to to-be graduates. So, one of the best options for new founders may be to seek out interns.

Some of the benefits to employers may be:

•         No hiring commitment: No doubt, it is a professional, valuable experience that benefits the employer, and also the student. When companies devote time and resources to search, select and train interns, they are also looking for a return on their investment. And, the benefit can be immediate – using the services of talented individuals without committing to hire. Sometimes, it can be for the future, when choosing a candidate who will work out well as an employee. 

•         Up-and-coming talent can be evaluated: When it comes to hiring new employees, HR managers take on a certain element of risk in determining whether a candidate will be the best fit. On the other hand, an internship helps an employer evaluate how an individual would fare in the actual workplace. Internships allow employers enough time to assess a student’s competency and drive, and also gives them time to assess whether he or she can fit into the corporate culture. 

•         Young to-be professionals can be exposed to the employer’s brand: Organizations get a chance to introduce the future generation of industry professionals to the unique offerings and needs of their brand. There are benefits of exposing those entering the workforce to the company’s brand. Employers can leverage these relationships to inform educators about the current needs and required skills in the workforce.

•         Learnings from students’ fresh perspectives: Sometimes employers have seen that the best, most innovative ideas come from the interns as they often offer new ways to solve issues with a great deal of enthusiasm. Just as students reap the benefits of an organization mentoring, teaching and guiding them in their learning processes, employers can learn just as much from their interns. It has been noted that employers often discover new perspectives, energy and specialized skill sets through their interns.

And, there are lasting, long-term benefits too. Internships are not just resume boosters for students approaching graduation. Their benefits can be felt and used resourcefully by employers too.

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