Shilparamam: Influencing the Handicraft Industry of Hyderabad


The handicraft industry of Hyderabad is quite diverse and unique; it includes jewelry made of pearls, silver-inlaid ‘bidri’ware and wooden carving statuettes. When the handicraft industry flourishes in a state, it needs to have a strong base of artisans and craftsmen. And, the state has to put in an effort and take steps to push this sector. Some of the artisans of Hyderabad have passed down their skills generation to generation and, today the whole family is involved in the craft-making business.

‘Bidri’ craft holds a special place in the rich culture of Telengana. It is silver engraved on metal which was introduced by Iranians when they migrated in this region. The craft uses metals and alloys like copper and zinc, which is combined to make gunmetal. The craft requires exquisite skills and exclusive training is needed which the government should provide for the craftsmen.

Shilparamam is a crafts village located in Madhapur, Hyderabad originated in the year 1992 and is of significant importance to the artisans and handicraft entrepreneurs of Telengana. It is situated in the outskirts of Hyderabad city and is spread over 65 acres of land. It is near the hi-tech hub of India. It is a popular tourist destination which adds to the delicacy of tradition and culture of Telengana.

Shilparamam boasts of a wide range of wooden works, jewellery and other local crafts. It provides a glimpse into the history of South India and also helps the artistry of Telengana to flourish. There are a lot of entrepreneurs linked to this craft village and their business is growing with the help of this venture. It is a place where the tourists and the craft entrepreneurs of Hyderabad meet. It helps them market their products and gain popularity.

Why a place like Shilparamam is of much importance in any State?

  • It helps the state to retain its culture and tradition: It’s a perfect place to showcase your state’s culture to the world. It’s a place that connects the tourists with artistry of the state.
  • Marketing opportunities for the grassroot level craftsmen: A place like this gives importance to the handicraft industry of any state. It is a place where the artistry of the state is celebrated. Hence, it provides significant opportunity for the craftsmen to grow.
  • An enriching network: It creates a network of the investors, craftsmen, entrepreneurs and the buyers. This network mobilizes learning opportunities and training facilities. In other words it encourages the handicraft industry of the state to flourish. There is always a demand for quality when a state invests in a place like this.
  • Attracts tourists: A place like this can always attract tourists and give scope for tourism to flourish. Tourism always can impact the economy of a state and Shilpramam acts like a gateway between the culture of Telengana and them.

So, the crux of the story is – Shilparamam acts like a platform for showcasing talents, culture, tradition and history of the Telengana. Whether it is a wooden carving or ‘bidri’ craft, every piece of art has a special place in Shilparamam. A village like this can indeed, boost the micro, medium and small scale industry of any state. So, when the state taking bigger leap like we have here, it can only mean prosperity and success!

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