Shift from being a ‘Mom’ to a successful ‘Mompreneur’!

Shift from being a 'Mom' to a successful ‘Mompreneur’ - Sheatwork

Are you a Mom busy with home duties that take up your full time? But at the back of your head, you feel –“What if I could start my own business? So, the idea of transforming from ‘Mom’ to ‘Mompreneur’ has already been sown in your mind. If you become a working Mom, it is like having two full-time jobs. Working under pressure is the norm. But being a mompreneur can be very rewarding job and totally satisfying!

The first question you ask yourself  is – What are you passionate about? Do you love tea? You can probably start a tea café. Or do you love fashion? What about art? Start you own boutique or an online art store, and sell your creations.

It isn’t easy starting your own business, for it takes all your time, energy, dedication and finances. This is the norm while trying to do justice to your Mom role too. While trying to be both an entrepreneur and Mom it can drive you round the bend, but Moms are doing it successfully, all over the country and the world.

So, how do they do it? How do mompreneurs strike a balance between their two roles?  Some secret mantras can help.

Passion must rule

At home, you see working Moms labor with passion and they strike a balance at work too.  Some Moms start businesses because they have a passion for a product or service and they discover a need they can fill. And, working to let your passion bloom, will drive Moms to strike the willpower to succeed. This will strengthen your ability to successfully start and run a business.

Lay down your priorities

Create a list of professional and personal priorities, before starting a business. Constant disruptions won’t allow you to be productive or effective as a mom or a business owner. By knowing and owning your priorities, you’ll improve your focus, and do justice to both roles.

You will realize you can be best at balancing, and be good at prioritizing things too. So, list out your goals, and then prioritize what is going to lead you to success, now and longterm. Once you start putting your priorities at the top, then the balance will fall into place. And, then your dream of being a business owner will become real.

Settle on what works for you

People are different – what worked for one Mompreneur may not work for you! You have to find your space – what works for you.  

Taking a reality check – what works for you may change or evolve, as your business and family grow. But, what matters is that the road you chose, will keep your family happy and will also keep your business running.

Yes, this is achievable. Being a working mom is actually like having two full-time jobs! But  stepping into the Mompreneur role – can be very doable too! So, what are you waiting for?

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