Saluting Some Prominent Women Entrepreneurs of Bihar

Prominent Entrepreneurs of Bihar

Recently in February 2022, the State social welfare minister Madan Sahni inaugurated the Mahila Udyami Mela, ‘Vasantotsav’, in Patna. Organized by the Women and Child Development Corporation (WDC), Bihar, women entrepreneurs from all over the state had set up stalls displaying an array of goods like – Indian and western wear, plants, jewellery, Madhubani paintings, traditional puppets, handcrafts, chocolates and a lot more. The fair fascinated people till March 2022. This was indeed proof of the presence and strength of women entrepreneurship.

Obviously, the startup surge weaving through the state reveals that people here have ideas, endurance and commitment. Women entrepreneurs are indeed riding the startup wave. They
are clear about the support available to them from government and they figure out how to
address local challenges, with a futuristic vision to scale their business.

Here we present 5 women who understand the challenges unique to Bihar.

> Sukirti Roy and Yashi Malviya, Founders, Bihar Bytes

The first of its kind, Bihar Bytes is a unique startup that works at unleashing the ‘real’ Bihar. The foundation was laid by two young journalists, Yashi Malviya and Sukriti Roy Yadav. These two female entrepreneurs in Bihar are actively changing the way people perceive Bihar.
Bihar Bytes is a platform that does away with any misconceptions regarding the state, and
promotes the heritage and the rich culture of Bihar. To increase the tourism in Bihar, they have
travelled extensively. While travelling they reach out to educate local people and spread
awareness in order to make Bihar a friendlier place for tourists.

> Hansa Sinha, Co-Founder, Genesys Consulting

Genesys Consulting, founded by Hansa Sinha and Parimal Madhup in 2011 is a one-stop
solution for IT, HRR and project consulting for different clients in government, social sector,
PSUs and corporates. A prestigious project they carried was taking OMR-based aptitude test of
52,000 school students from all districts of Bihar; the six-month-long project finally gave out
certificates to all winners.

An event management company – Creative Imprints, was another venture that was started by
Hansa, and multiple projects in Patna have been taken up by this company.

> ShaziaQaiser, Founder, Revival Shoe Laundry

Born in Bhagalpur, ShaziaQaiser has worked with UNICEF and WHO. She started her service,
Revival Shoe Laundry in 2014 in Bihar, and for the first couple of years, she mainly focused on
market research. The unique laundry services offered covers – cleaning and refurbishing of
leather items such as bags and jackets and also shoe repairs.

After the initial launch, her business were not profitable and she incurred losses, but she
overcame the challenges and made a mark. Incidentally, she aims at keeping as many women
as she possibly can, in her team.

> Himani Mishra, Co-founder & CEO, Brand Radiator

Himani Mishra co-founded and is the CEO of a brand solutions company called Brand Radiator.

Her plan is to revolutionize digital marketing in small states such as Bihar. Generating employment is her main interest in, which is focussed on retaining talent in the state
so that people do not have to migrate to other cities for better career options. Her aim is to
provide more information about the power of digital marketing to the local people and
businesses and to steer more employment in Bihar.


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