Saluting Some Prominent Women Entrepreneurs in West Bengal


Women constitute almost 50% of the world’s total population, and it is the same case in India too. Today they are considered indispensible in building a great society. Having been hidden behind walls, a few decades ago, performing household activities, they have come centre stage now. In the corporate world, they are creating waves. They have been performing exceedingly well in different spheres of activities like politics, administration, social work, and so on.

And, they are also stepping out to unleash their own businesses, and they are running their enterprises successfully too, even making an impact on the economy of the country.

Here’s looking at some prominent women entrepreneurs in the state of West Bengal.

>Priya Paul: Chairperson, The Park Hotel
Today, in the business world, Priya Paul is one of the most successful women entrepreneurs. Priya Paul believes that innovative and creative ideas are crtitical for successfully surviving in the market, even during recession. Advocating that India owns a diversified culture, she applies this to her hotel business; and incidentally, also looking at domestic and international tourism in India.

One of the most inspirational women, in the past 25 years, her unique innovation and contribution to the hotel business have been recognized greatly. So, many awards and recognition has come her way!

>Aakanksha Bhargava: PM Relocations Pvt Ltd (PMR)
Aakanksha Bhargava is an Indian entrepreneur, leading a large relocation business in India. As the chief executive officer and President of PM Relocations Pvt Ltd (PMR), she is leading one of the most exciting and fast-growing businesses in India. She was always fascinated with the relocation industry, which turned into a career option for her.

Today the industry is in the midst of radical change, and she feels that one will eventually have to recreate the old businesses and implement innovations to make it prosper and flourish in today’s competitive environment. But, significantly, the industry today has become much organised, in comparison to what it was earlier. PMR wants to be recognized as a one-stop service provider with all relocation needs looked after, and the company is looking to work on a larger scale in the future.

>Gargi Banerjee Koul — Founder and CEO, É
A career banker turned fashion tech entrepreneur, Gargi Banerjee Koul, Founder and CEO, É Her company explores untapped possibilities for making personal styling accessible for discerning consumers, while also finding ways to collaborate with partners in the styling ecosystem (including fashion brands and styling professionals).

Extremely passionate about her profession, she believes very firmly that one should embrace and maintain their individuality and the same belief reflects in her work. Reach out to and check out the offers.

>Sujata Chatterjee: Founder & MD, Twirl Store
Stepping into her business venture, Sujata Chatterjee, Founder & MD, Twirl Store launched Twirl. The objective was to encourage women’s empowerment, reduce clothing waste, conserve natural resources like water and meet human needs. It was providing clothing for those most in need.

Look around us – and we can see people with overflowing closets who don’t want to
repeat their outfits; plus there are millions of people struggling to find basic clothing!! So
Twirl aims at solving problems on both sides. The platform allows people from
anywhere in India – to donate their clothes in exchange (for points that can be redeemed.

>Preeyam & Minu Budhia, Co-Founder, IcanFlyy
The brainchild of dynamic mother-daughter duo Minu Budhia (Founder) and Preeyam Budhia (Co-Founder), the vision of this cafe is to enable the able and show the world how truly gifted our special cafe crew is. Drawing inspiration from her young daughter who is a special child, Minu established ICanFlyy, an institute for special needs.

The later initiative – a Cafe run by Special Needs Individuals – it is a cafe with a cause. A one-of-a-kind cafe run by special needs individuals, it is the initiative of ICanFlyy – an Institute for Special Needs. In fact, the institute on the ground floor, houses Café ICanFlyy which empowers students by providing training and employment. The Food Factory products also retail from here. Students come here not only to receive vocational training and build their skills, but also to be a part of a community that is open, non-judgemental, and embraces the idea that being different does not make one less of an individual.

>Lovey Burman & Puja Kapur, Founders, Kookie Jar
Talking about entrepreneurial businesses in Kolkata, it’s most important not to miss out on Kookie Jar. And, for anyone residing in Kolkata, if it’s cookies it has to be from Kookie Jar!! The owners, sisters Lovey and Puja Kapoor, have become women entrepreneurs of repute. With a host of delicacies to boast of, Kookie Jar is today, a driving force in the pastry and bakery industry in not only Kolkata, but the country.

Owning pioneering products that combine value and great taste, the company also prides itself in having the most extensive line of confectionery. It is committed to leash out even more delicious products – all aimed at the quality-conscious gourmet. But sadly, there has been a roadblock. It had to close its doors, during the pandemic. Looking forward to news about it’s re-opening!

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