Ringing in the New Year! Here’s Wishing you a Happy 2023!!


We all deserve new beginnings. Right?
And, more often than not, new beginnings are created by our own efforts and our own choices. We can choose to take a new direction of life, and that’s when we create a new beginning. So, we can open up opportunities….create and steer them through our own gameplan for the future.

Recently, we have seen businesses striving to keep up with the dynamic market and tracking ways to triumph in their own style. Today, when the world is gearing up to adopt the post- COVID19 normal, it is essential that businesses should indeed, adapt to the changes so that they can keep up with the changing times and thrive.

So, let’s see what resolutions are made by women entrepreneurs as we step into 2023.

When, we quizzed – “What is your New Year resolution(s) and what would you like to be your biggest triumph by the end of next year?” – here are some answers we got. They gave the impression that a new potential is popping up every moment. In line with this thought, we remember Vincent Van Gogh, who stated in this context – “What would life be if we had no
courage to attempt anything?”

> Parbati Bhattacharya, Founder, Wanderers Footprints Travel Boutique

“My New Year resolution is – to continue to provide good service to my traveller guests. And, the biggest triumph would be to make Wanderers Footprints a known and familiar name in the foreign market as well.”

> Shivani Singh Kapoor, Founder, ThinkStartup

“As I approach my last year of “Not yet 50 :)” .. I find that a lot of what I wanted to achieve in life is behind me and a lot of check boxes have been ticked already. I commit this year to personal growth on many fronts such as exploration of some diverse fields such as philosophy, spirituality and the latest scientific research. What I would consider my biggest success for next year would be to help many young students from all across our country (through my venture ThinkStartup) to discover and live up to their true potential.”

> Debjani Mukherjee , Founder, Nanighar

“My New Year resolution is to cut the stress in life.

The biggest triumph by next year end is to end up registering 6000 more mom chefs and make Nanighar reach 6 more cities.”

“My New Year resolution is to become more mindful of self sabotaging habits. Have a healthy relationship with food. Become more kinder. Work in a respectful way with a collaborative mindset with more creative entrepreneurs. I will grow to a million downloads of my podcast The Mohua Show by 2023. On the show I will bring in more compelling stories of courage, self
improvement and resilience.

Create more impactful and engaging storytelling narratives on my podcast.

Write more columns for many more publications. Travel, discover new cafés and finish the second book draft by 2023.”

> Shraddha Bhavalkar, Cofounder | CEO, GetSetGo Fitness

My New Year resolution is to “Live every single day to the fullest, giving each moment my utmost attention. Being present in everything that I do wholeheartedly, may it be watering my plants, stepping on stage in front of a huge audience, eating a meal with my family or just listening to music in a candle light to unwind my day. I am going to celebrate life by living it. My new currency this year is – time. I will be exchanging this currency extremely carefully and will only invest it on the people/places/things that align with myself.  Biggest triumph by the end of the year is to get over self-inhibitions and launch a project that’s extremely close to my heart. 2023 is going to be a great year.

> Priyanka MB, Founder & Director, Inspiron Psychological well-being centre Pvt Ltd

“My New Year resolution – Education of mental health at a grossroot level. And the triumph would be – to achieve global mental health digital transformation.”

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