Realizing your most ambitious business goals!


“Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.” – Salvador Dali.

Being ambitious matters. Ambition is a major driver for personal growth and development. No one can succeed without a healthy dose of ambition. Those who wish to be more, know more, do more, give more or have more, have a purpose and a powerful internal drive that leads them to dream bigger and go further. In fact, recent studies support this view vehemently, as they suggest that more-ambitious businesses have experienced faster revenue growth and are more optimistic about the future.

Defining ambition. Most people confuse working hard with being successful – that is not necessarily the case. What is really takes to be successful and live your dream life is ambition! It overrides both, talent and resources and is clearly the most important tool for achieving success. Beginning with identifying your true goal, culling the desire to achieve it and remaining steadfast on the road to achieving it is what brings your ambitious ideas to a consequence – It helps you to stand out in a crowd!

Realizing an ambition. Whether personal or professional, realizing your ambition is indeed  a tough grind. Let me outline some tips  which will make your task a wee bit easier by helping you better understand how to reach your goals.

  • Don’t put your nose to the grindstone. Scrape out space for yourself to breathe, to live and, to strive ahead – Often when we roll out a new venture or implement an idea we have been longing to, we tend to over-work, over-spend, and over-tire ourselves, thereby burning the candle both ways! While it’s important to dream big, it’s imperative to keep your resources and health in mind. Set “stretchable goals” for yourself, but not “unreachable goals”. Also, expecting over-night success is foolery. Be realistic and have  long-term objectives in view, dotted with a series of ‘achievement milestones’ through your journey. Remember to reward yourself for hitting each milestone, and celebrate each victory, big or small!
  • Join forces and team up – Working collectively with staff, and managers toward a single, shared goal is advisable. This concept of collaboration applies to almost any business with employees. Share your objectives with the people working for you as you would share pieces of your success with them! It only reduces your work-load and on the other hand  makes them feel like valued in your journey of success.
  • Get the correct support – Often while endeavouring to realizeyour ambitions, you would not wish to ‘share’ your journey with others. You are probably an expert in one or more segments of your business, but there would be other segments which together add up to form the larger picture – the realization of your ambition. These other segments, may require outside assistance which you should ask for without hesitation or pride.
  • Keep it simple – Clarity in any planning and functioning is essential. Make your ambition as clear as possible. Whether it’s opening another institution/company, increasing employee onboarding or reaching double-digit sales growth by the end of the said financial year, all goals should be clear. Doing away with unnecessary processes and simplifying complex ones should be the mantra to chalk the way ahead.
  • Keep a close track of your progress and do not lose faith in yourself – It is imperative to document and analyse your progress regularly. This exercise will enable you to identify weaknesses more easily and improve them faster. Always remember, ambition is about continuous improvement, and that is what you must strive to do!

In a gist, having a goal and the willingness to work towards it with undying spirit, even in the face of adversity, and aiming to serve the greater good through it, will take you where you wish to be! According to Napoleon Bonaparte, “Great ambition is the passion of a great character. Those endowed with it may perform very good or bad acts. All depends on the principles which direct them.” So, go ahead, fulfil your ambitions and soar higher to serve better!

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