Prominent Women Entrepreneurs from Rajasthan


Rajasthan has emerged as one of India’s leading investment destinations. There are many factors that favour business in the state – like a well-established law and order system, investment-friendly climate, and excellent infrastructure. But it is a reality that women entrepreneurship faces many challenges. Studies have revealed that the level of literacy among Rajasthan women entrepreneurs is low, and a large number of women entrepreneurs lack awareness of technological up-gradation and sometimes fail to forecast changes in the market trends. So, it is critical that more women move towards starting their own businesses.

Here we present 6 prominent women entrepreneurs of Rajasthan.

> Archana Surana, Founder & Director, ARCH Academy Design
Ms. Archana Surana is a famous name in Jaipur, and the business she started is her personal gift to the city. Backed by an experience of over two decades in art and design, she had launched a reputed institution by the name of ARCH Academy of Design which offers various Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses in Interior Design, Fashion Design, Jewelry and Accessory Design, Textile Design, Design Management etc. This institute offers practical training and exposure to students, who want to make career in these fields.

> Kulsum Malik, Founder, Kaya Kalp Herbals
Ms. Kulsum Malik is a well-known name behind a wide range of herbal beauty products. Dedicated to Ayurveda, she managed to recapture the secret of Ayurvedic remedies – in the range of herbal products made available under the brand of ‘Kulsum’s Kaya Kalp Herbals’ today. Her idea of beauty is wrapped around the products she offers, under her brand, and it also includes various beauty parlours that she has set up, to offer a great range of beauty services. Her vision is – to reach out to the masses with her product range and services, that add on to a woman’s personality.

> Princess Diya Kumari, Founder, Princess Diya Kumari Foundation
The charm and enigma of her personality is pure magic. The princess from the erstwhile royal family of Jaipur is an inspiration for many ladies out there. In Rajasthan there are many cultural, social, and economic barriers that women face. Well aware of this, she felt an urgent need to improve the lives of women, who might not have even had education to fall back on. So, she founded Princess Diya Kumari Foundation, which is constantly working to empower women by helping them learn skills through various livelihood programs, organized by the foundation. Her goal is very clear – to inspire women to earn a living independently.

> Aastha Agarwal, Founder,
Ms. Aastha Agarwal is the founder of a popular online portal for kids wear and accessories in India – And her inspiration – her twin babies. So, she started an online fashion store for babies, where mothers can comfortably shop for the latest designer dresses, party dresses and ethnic clothes for baby boys and girls. On top priority is the comfort and style of kids. Now the store also offers international shipping across the globe.

> Kamla Poddar, Founder, Kamla Poddar Institutes
Kamla Poddar is another popular woman entrepreneur from Jaipur, and she is a strong supporter of women empowerment. Established in 1999, she launched Kamla Poddar Institutes (KPI) and all her efforts are focused on making woman stronger by helping them develop their skills. KPI has transformed the education scenario in Rajasthan. They have been unveiling opportunities and bright careers to students every year. In fact, KPI has actually redefined education at the national and global levels too. , She is now creating waves and making an impact in jewellery designing, assisted by her two sons, who are dedicated to following in her footsteps.

> Smita Jaipuria, Packaging Expert
Ms. Smita Jaipuri is a well-known face in Jaipur for her unparalleled solution in gifting and packaging. She started a handmade paper manufacturing unit initially, but that ran into problems. Soon, she came up with an idea of offering exquisite packaging solutions to people; and this has now become a successful story. She had always wanted to do something related to paper, and when there was no culture of packaging and gifting in Jaipur, she started her business which includes amazing decorative packaging of gifts. And today, the business has caught on and is flourishing.


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