Procuring Testimonials and References from Clients


What are testimonials and why are they important for organizations?

A client testimonial is an endorsement given by a client for a product/service they have used. It is a recommendation that is based on the client’s positive experience with that product or service. In other words, the customer has to use your business and be happy with the results. Reviews can be very powerful because everyone reads reviews before making a purchase. Also, positive customer testimonials help to establish your credibility and reliability as a business. On the other hand, negative reviews can sway buyer choices away from your company! Hence is essential that you loop in as many positive testimonials for your company, as possible.

How can testimonials be put to good use?

Testimonials can be immensely useful for business owners because they are a great way to show potential customers, that your company actually exists, and does good work. Not only that, but also that your products or services are of high quality and they really work! You may use these testimonials to boost your image in the competitive market and allure prospective clients. 

Do you need permission to use customer testimonials?

Yes, you can use positive testimonials of clients, but with their permission. Including a name, picture or video with the testimonial makes your company more trustworthy, but you must get your customer’s permission first. This is not only a legal requirement, but it will also make your customers feel more comfortable and valued.

Types of testimonials

There are several types of client testimonials: quote testimonials, interview testimonials, influencer testimonials, press testimonials and written testimonials. All these can come in text, photo, audio or video format. Written testimonials tend to be the most popular as clients have to put in minimum effort to put their views online.

How to get testimonials and references from existing clients.

In order to get testimonials from clients, you have to know how to ask for a testimonial. Email is still one of the best communication channels and a great way to get customer testimonials. Another way to gather testimonials is to use the emails sent to you by your customers. Sometimes, customers will send you emails just to let you know how pleased they are with your product. Those emails can be used as testimonial content, with the client’s permission/approval. Again, having a feedback form in questionnaire format is yet another way to gather a customer’s testimonial.  Using open-ended questions to gauge customer satisfaction, after they bought a product from your company and are happy with it, will stand you in good stead.

Further, requesting your clients to create a blog or a social media post speaking about your services/products, can be another method to gain some positive feedback and attention. Another sought-after source of getting testimonials is social media. It can be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube, people can voice their opinions openly on these platforms, thereby reaching out to a large number of audiences. A simple text can also be a great form of commendation for your services, as can be an Instagram picture that includes your product! These can be treated as testimonials which can be a great way of promoting your products online.  

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