Pave your Road to Success with an Entrepreneurship Course

Success Entrepreneurship Course

For a long-time it was believed that entrepreneurs are born not made, with trial and error being the best way of learning. But today, this myth is gradually being put to rest. Starting a venture is not an easy task with industry reports showing that 20% of small businesses fail in their first year and 30% fail in their second year with the numbers going up to 50% after five years. It is increasingly being believed that a formal education program could reduce uncertainties and better prepare a person to face the challenges of the entrepreneurship journey like any other career. With the right education, mentoring and training even those who lack entrepreneurship genes can aspire to become successful entrepreneurs.

In India, entrepreneurship education is gaining momentum in recent times. There are many courses available to in the field of Entrepreneurship ranging from diploma, certificate and undergraduate to postgraduate programmes. Online courses are also available for those interested. Some institutes like Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship, Management and Technology offer a one-year certificate course for women entrepreneurs. IIM Bangalore in association with Goldman Sachs and the Dept. of Science and Technology has also developed a free of cost Women Start-up Program where deserving women entrepreneurs will be chosen for training and even incubated and funded. The Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India has also established the Centre for Women Entrepreneurship & Gender Studies focused on developing and sustaining women entrepreneurs. The National Institute of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development (NIESBUD) under the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship also runs training programs in entrepreneurship and skill development. Several colleges and universities are also providing 3-year BBA and 2-year MBA programs in Entrepreneurship. Some like Sharda University have collaborated with Harvard Business School to launch dedicated entrepreneurship platforms like Sharda Launchpad offering short-termprogrammes accredited by NIESBUD alongwith regular academic courses in entrepreneurship.

So, grab the opportunities, go for an entrepreneurship course suited to your needs and be better equipped to face the world of business.

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