Navigating Consumer Rights: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs on World Consumer Rights Day


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On March 15th, 2024, the world comes together – to commemorate World Consumer Rights Day, shedding light on the essential rights of consumers and advocating for their protection against exploitation and unfair practices. This annual event serves as a reminder of the importance of consumer awareness and empowerment in ensuring a fair and just marketplace for all.

In the heart of this global celebration lies a crucial connection to women entrepreneurship. As the entrepreneurial landscape continues to evolve, more women are stepping into the realm of business ownership, contributing significantly to economic growth and innovation. However, amidst their entrepreneurial journey, women entrepreneurs often navigate through distinct legal challenges and strive to uphold consumer rights in their endeavors.

This year’s theme, “Fair and responsible AI for consumers”, underscores the pivotal role of technology in shaping consumer experiences and interactions. As breakthroughs in AI technology redefine the digital landscape, it becomes imperative to ensure that AI- driven platforms prioritize fairness, transparency, and consumer safety. Women entrepreneurs, as drivers of innovation, have a unique opportunity to advocate for responsible AI practices that safeguard consumer rights and promote digital equity.

The role of customer service in building & maintaining customer relationships

Customer service plays a crucial role in building and maintaining customer relationships. It’s the face of the business and the first point of contact for many customers, so it’s important to get it right.

Moreover, the cornerstone of consumer relationships lies in exceptional customer service. For women entrepreneurs, providing top-notch customer service goes beyond resolving issues—it fosters trust, loyalty, and long-lasting connections with consumers. By prioritizing customer satisfaction, women entrepreneurs not only uphold consumer rights but also nurture thriving businesses built on trust and integrity.

In essence, World Consumer Rights Day serves as a rallying cry for women entrepreneurs to champion consumer rights, advocate for fair and responsible AI practices, and prioritize exemplary customer service. As they continue to pave the way in the entrepreneurial landscape, women entrepreneurs play a vital role in shaping a marketplace that is equitable, transparent, and empowering for all consumers.

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