National Legal Services Day (November 9, 2022): Why Do Small Businesses Need Legal Services Today?


Tracing the history, National Legal Services Day is observed every year on 9 th  November – to commemorate the commencement of Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987 which came into force on 9th November, 1995. So, everything ‘legal’ is in the spotlight today. On National Legal Services Day, legal awareness activities are carried out – to apprise people about the availability of free legal aid. Further, nationwide programmes are organised every year to make people aware of the various services provided.

Legally speaking, according to Section 2(c) of the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987 – “legal services” includes any service in the conduct of any case or other legal proceeding before any court or other authority or tribunal and the giving of advice on any legal matter.
And, why is legal service important? Legal services will make sure that all your legal documents are correct and properly managed. Allowing qualified professionals handle your legal work will give you full confidence and assured that trouble will not touch you. You can easily rely on legal experts with work regarding all your legal documents.
The main motive for establishing this day is that all the people who are in need of this, are offered support. The prime motive of this day was to create awareness whenever people reach out to the court to solve their issues. Additionally, all this is done without causing them much hassle; and it could involve people belonging to the weaker sections of society. It generally means people who need it – like women, victims of natural calamities, scheduled castes, and scheduled tribes. Also to consider here, are people who are victims of human trafficking and so on.

And as far as small businesses and entrepreneurs go, potential legal problems are really limitless. There can be contract disputes, issues of employment, intellectual property, leases, debt collection, liability and so on. Such problems are unavoidable, which means paying for legal services makes sense too, under these conditions. That became especially true during the COVID-19 pandemic.
A common misconception of novice businessmen is that a young company does not need lawyers for small business. Problems can indeed, lead to financial losses and it can even destroy the business. Today, every entrepreneur must understand how the legal service of the organization is created and how it operates. An entrepreneur’s ill-considered actions can not only affect the company’s reputation and lead to financial losses, but it can also destroy the business!!

In fact, small and medium-sized businesses need legal services today more than ever.

So, for the development and security of any organization, a legal service is very much needed. And, it is almost impossible to imagine the successful functioning of an organization today
without a lawyer in the horizon.

Today, Aatmnirbhar Sena is endeavoring to render legal support for small business owners and young entrepreneurs, so that they can conduct their business pursuits without worrying about probable legal troubles in the future. Apart from providing legal support for small businesses, they will conduct several programmes through which they would familiarize you with the legal knowledge to let you handle small legal issues on your own. Additionally, they also provide small business owners with legal compliance training, under special training programs, aimed at making companies and startups compliant with laws and procedures.

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