Mompreneurs – Balancing Parenting & Entrepreneurship

Mompreneurs - Balancing parenting entrepreneurship

It is very difficult for most working women to walk the tight-rope between a successful job and parenting, but the challenges and responsibilities are multi-fold for women entrepreneurs. Mompreneurs are forever trying to maintain a balance between paying attention to their children and nurturing their business. While entrepreneurs do have some flexibility in planning their schedules, the responsibilities are double.

As such, mompreneurs should quickly learn to delegate certain portions of work so that there are no sudden glitches. Creating a strong trustworthy core team is very essential and having the courage to ask for support, if required, is important. Be a part of a network of women entrepreneurs who can give you valuable support and advice. Prioritizing your responsibilities is also very important. It is very easy to get immersed in work when you are growing a business but learn to create space for family and personal time. Adopt mindfulness or relaxation practices, for you have to make your personal well-being a key priority. Do take out some time for professional growth, learning and networking opportunities. Plan your day and work schedule in such a manner that there is adequate time for children also. Do not keep important meetings or tasks at times when your mind will be occupied with thoughts of how the kids are managing themselves as home. At no point, try to make one aspect an excuse for non performance in the other aspect. Try to give your best to both roles honestly with a clear focus and do not try to justify shortcomings with lame excuses. Keep in sight the bigger objective and motivation behind your becoming an entrepreneur, when in doubt.

In the long run, success comes to those who have strong self-belief, commitment and an ability to overcome all challenges with their hard work.

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