List of Things you Should Start Doing in 2021


So, did you end your year on a high; making the best out of what you were given? Hopefully you did! 2021, is a crucial year for everyone, as we attempt to build back better, recovering from the jolt given by COVID19. Therefore, the end of the year gone by and the beginning of a new one invites us to reflect on what worked and what did not in the unusual circumstances created by the pandemic and the lasting changes it brought along with it, so that we may begin doing what we should be doing in order to burgeon!  Here’s a list of ‘Must Dos’ for you to follow in 2021:-

  1. Expand your business and go digital – Answering to the clarion call of creating an ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat’ given by our Prime Minister, many have dared to and successfully set up their start-ups in 2020. Now, it is time you gave the fledgling wings!  If you have a weak online presence, you should accelerate your efforts and create a digital strategy that allows you to position yourself and your company in the market. This includes creating a website, social media, SEO, and e-commerce. Also taking help from your mentor is an intelligent move as he/she  can go from giving you great advice to connecting you with key players in the industry.
  2. Innovate, innovate, innovate- Previously, every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea resulted into an innovation. However, the changes brought about by COVID19, call for rapid innovation and implementation of the same,  in order to progress. Reviewing your processes, products or services and identifying the areas requiring change or improvement is deemed necessary. Next, using innovative solutions to address these issues will stand you in good stead. It is the only way which will help you to stay relevant in the market.
  3. Execute your ideas – Execution is a crucial element in successfully reaching a goal. Assuming that the COVID induced lockdown has given you ample time to plan, now is the time to make those plans a reality. Planning actions without bringing them to a consequence is futile. Use the pursuit of consistent execution as a tool to get ahead. On time completion of tasks/orders will ensure the client’s trust remaining intact in your organization. Therefore, planning and execution of the plans must go hand-in-hand in order to deliver on the promise you make to your clients.
  4. Cultivate your personal growth and nurture your health – One should never stop learning, especially now, when the whole work paradigm has shifted to another level altogether. Learning new skills to stay relevant will not only help your business but will also aid you to indulge in  activities that boost your memory, concentration and decision making abilities. Furthermore, it is important to take care of your health, which perhaps you have been neglecting while trying to give your start-up the needed boost. You must be always conscious of the fact that  your health influences your performance directly – neglecting it can lead to physical and mental harm in due course.
  5. Ramp up your CSR – be munificent! – The pandemic has no doubt, brought with it opportunities that we, as a nation have leveraged fruitfully. However, the ugly side of the effects of the pandemic cannot be ignored. Many have lost their means of livelihood and many are barely making ends meet. Thus, you must take care of your employees  because successful organizations work on their inside game and internal structure before they start going out to generate revenue and tackling larger goals. Also, it is time you made social and environmental responsibility an integral part of yourself and your business. Notching up your CSR and  using eco-friendly practices in your company while also simultaneously financially supporting  a cause that matters to you will be beneficial. Doing so will not only improve your organization’s image but will also permit you to attain a sense of satisfaction personally.
  6. Be more productive but not at the cost of your family time – COVID19 has been an eye-opener! We have been compelled to realise the uncertainties we live in. Hence it is only wise to enjoy the time we have at hand, working qualitatively rather than quantitatively and also making time for those who care for us  – our family!

Being victorious as an organization, as a leader or as an individual contributor, is a blend of many different things. The above listed are a few vital ones you must adhere to. Fortunately, there are innumerable opportunities awaiting us to  make a headway and succeed in 2021 as an entrepreneur, as a brand and as an individual.

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