Leading the Charge: Women Entrepreneurs Reshaping Slovakia’s Business Landscape


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In the spotlight: Some inspiring women entrepreneurs from Slovakia

Slovakia’s entrepreneurial landscape is undergoing a remarkable transformation, and at the heart of this revolution are women entrepreneurs who are rewriting the rules of business. In a nation celebrated for its rich history and burgeoning innovation, these visionary women are breaking through traditional barriers and leaving an indelible mark.

The Slovak Republic has crafted a diverse array of programs dedicated to SME and entrepreneurship development, generously funded with support from the European Structural and Investment Funds. This extensive and well-structured support system lays a strong foundation for entrepreneurial growth.

The 2021 framework conditions in Slovakia presented a mixed landscape for entrepreneurs, with elements that both enable and, at times, constrain. The nation scored particularly well in the realm of finance, offering a promising environment for economic ventures.

Slovak women entrepreneurs, however, are the true champions of change. They are making significant inroads across diverse sectors – from pioneering tech startups to championing sustainable fashion. These enterprising women aren’t just building successful businesses; they are also lighting the path for future generations with their resilience and unwavering vision. Bolstered by a supportive ecosystem and initiatives promoting gender diversity, these entrepreneurs are realizing their full potential.

The empowerment of women entrepreneurs serves as a catalyst for Slovakia’s economic growth and job creation. It’s a paradigm shift that’s redefining the entrepreneurial landscape, fostering a culture of creativity, innovation & inclusivity.

As Slovakia positions itself on the global stage, these women entrepreneurs are propelling the nation toward a more equitable and prosperous future for all.

#WomenEntrepreneurs #InnovationRevolution #EmpoweringWomen

Here are some inspiring women entrepreneurs from Slovakia.

> Jana Escher, Co-Founder, Boataround

Backed by several years of experience in the hospitality industry at a hotel and Booking.com, Jana Escher Jana co-founded in 2016, an online yacht rental platform. Boataround provides yacht reservations worldwide – from small motor boats to large luxurious yachts. Accolades came from Forbes Slovakia which recognized her as among the Top Women in Startups in 2023.

> Simona Franková, Co-Founder, NG Aviation

With a degree in Air Traffic and a background in the industry, Simona Franková co- founded an aeronautical information management solution firm – NG Aviation. Specializing in the digital transition of the civil & military aviation industry, NG Aviation cooperates with companies, airports, and agencies on four continents.

> Andrea Basilová, Co-Founder, Sensoneo

Having worked in various marketing and PR-related positions (for 10+ years), was a fitting background for Andrea Basilová before co-founding her start up Sensoneo. This company provides smart waste management solutions for cities and businesses. Her vision is to use the power of data to make waste management more efficient, transparent, and sustainable. Her company currently serves customers in over 60 countries.

> Maria Vircikova, Co-Founder & CEO, MATSUKO

Maria Virickova is an active woman entrepreneur on the Slovak business scene. She has founded the Lurity app – a company offering advertisements on LCD screens, allowing its customers to pay only when the ad is viewed.

Since 2016 her work has been dedicated to the startup – MATSUKO, where she assumes the duties of the CEO. MATSUKO is a company with an unusual mission – to create holographic communication using specially designed gloves that give users the most realistic experience during an online meeting and everyday communication. Maria’s huge impact on the startup ecosystem led to several awards and nominations, among them the 2020 European Tech Women Award.

> Veronika Hudzíková, Founder, FaceRehab

Veronika Hudzíková has worked in the IT industry since 2018. In 2019, Veronika founded a digital rehabilitation therapy app for face palsy (paralysis) patients – FaceRehab.

Veronika was recognized in Forbes’ list of 30 Under 30 2021 for her dedication to helping people with face health issues. Plus, she has been simultaneously working at Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia for over 6 years.

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