ISRO’s Remarkable Achievement: Applauding the 54 Women Powerhouses!

Sheatwork proudly salutes India’s monumental achievement as Chandrayaan-3 successfully touched down on the moon’s unexplored south pole on August 23, 2023

India’s Space Odyssey leads to a historic triumph. A standing ovation to the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and its 54 incredible women in the team!

It was indeed a unique moment in history. India has boldly claimed its position as a global space superpower with this extraordinary feat. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s elation echoes our collective pride, with his words, “This success belongs to all of humanity and it will pave the way for future moon missions by other countries.” He added – “We can all aspire for the moon, and beyond”.

By achieving this milestone, India has become the fourth country, following in the footsteps of Russia, the US and China – to leave an indelible mark on the lunar surface. Notably, India stands tall as the first nation to land on the moon’s south pole, an achievement that redefines the limits of exploration.

History was etched by Chandrayaan-3!

At precisely 6:03 pm (India Standard Time), history was etched by ISRO’sChandrayaan-3. Chairman Sreedhara Somanath’s triumphant announcement “We have achieved a soft landing on the moon! India is on the moon!” – reverberated across the nation and beyond.

Behind this remarkable achievement lies the brilliance of women power. Among the illustrious minds driving this prestigious project is Ms. Ritu Karidhal, fondly known as the ‘rocket woman of India.’ An Indian scientist and aerospace engineer, she is the leading lady behind the gigantic Chandrayaan-3 Mission. Her contributions have been instrumental in realizing this mission, underscoring her invaluable role as the deputy director of the Mangalyaan mission. Ms Kalpana K, is the Deputy Project Director, #MoonMission, amongst others.

A testament to gender equality and progress, Chandrayaan-3’s journey boasts of the involvement of a remarkable 54 women scientists and engineers. These women have donned the hats of “associate and deputy project directors and project managers of various systems,” according to ISRO.

Each and every one of them deserves our heartfelt congratulations. Their dedication, expertise, and trailblazing spirit have not only shattered glass ceilings, but have also launched India’s name into the annals of cosmic exploration.

As we celebrate this monumental achievement, let us also celebrate the empowerment of women in science and their unwavering determination to reach for the stars, quite literally. Kudos to ISRO and its incredible team for making our nation proud on a global stage!

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