International Day for Women and Girls in Science: Honouring Women Entrepreneurs as ‘Change’ Agents


On February 11th, the International Day for Women and Girls in Science is celebrated around the world – to recognize the crucial role that women and girls play in the field of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). This day provides an opportunity to shine the spotlight on innovative and creative contributions of women in STEM, and to encourage girls to pursue careers in these fields.

From the perspective of women entrepreneurs – this day is especially meaningful. Women entrepreneurs are often at the forefront of technology innovation and are leading the way in developing solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems. They usher in a unique perspective and an exclusive set of skills to their work; and they are driving positive change in a range of industries.

In the tech sector, for example, women entrepreneurs are challenging traditional gender roles and disrupting the status quo. They are creating new products and services that are changing the way people live, work and interact. They are developing technologies that make life easier, more efficient and more sustainable; and, they are helping to solve some of the biggest challenges facing society today, from climate change to poverty and inequality.

Why is it important to involve more women and girls in science? It is really a promising fit to include more women in male-dominated areas, as this will bring in new view points, new talent and creativity too. It can also help uplift women’s social and financial position. People around the globe chose to honour this day in various ways.  

Agents of ‘change’

Women are increasingly being seen as agents of ‘change’. Over generations, women have been the centre of family life, which overlaps to society and business. We have witnessed women climbing up to critical positions. Today, more and more women hold key positions in business and are now at the helm of politics too – some have become world leaders and even champions of human rights issues. They have brought ‘change’ indeed. Or they have influenced the governance of society, through changes in laws and that has affected the way business is conducted. When a woman’s life is changed positively, many good things happen – the family benefits, the community benefits, the country benefits and the world benefits.

It is also absolutely essential to ensure the participation of women and provide them equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision-making in political, economic and public life.

Time to open up opportunities

What’s striking is that now is the time to help women at any age & stage – to grow and forge ahead. Time to unravel new opportunities.

Achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls is critically important. In fact, it has been highlighted as a Sustainable Development Goal by the United Nations. And, to achieve gender equality by 2030, all forms of discrimination against women and girls must end!!

Committed to empowering women, our government has launched schemes such as – Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, Ujjawala, Mission Shakti, Mission Vatsalya, Poshan 2.0 and Saksham Anganwadi, which aim to leverage technology to strengthen processes and mechanisms – to benefit women and children.

We are indeed, in a century when women-led development can change the track for India. And, corporate India can also play a crucial role in encouraging women – by giving them equal opportunities.

So, on International Day for Women and Girls in Science, let us celebrate the achievements of women entrepreneurs. Let us recognize them as ‘change’ agents. Let us support and encourage girls to pursue careers in these fields, and help to create a more diverse and inclusive tech sector for future generations.

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