How to inspire others to join your venture


Starting with a ‘Big’ idea and then steering it to make it a reality – is really a wonderful launching point for your startup. But, we must remember that behind every successful startup is a unique team that is passionate, talented, and innovative.

And, leaders today, more than ever before, know that they have to win the team’s commitment to succeed. What are the main ways of doing so? Through motivation and inspiration. Motivation is about moving people to act in a way to achieve a specific goal. And, when they are motivated, they are inspired to give their best.

The question here is – how can you inspire and convince individuals to join your brand new startup? Here are some tips to help you begin the process….

  • Empower the team to make major contributions

New team members are expected to wear multiple hats – that is one of the greatest advantages that startups have over established businesses. And, along with that team members are able to make innovative, significant contributions without the prospects of having to climb up the corporate ladder.

As a leader of the startup, make it a point to let them know that every idea is important, in order to achieve success and that you encourage out-of-the-box thinking at all times. Also, make them share your dream, and let them into the fact that you started this business to solve a problem and they are an integral part in that process. Most importantly, empower them to make major contributions. This will reveal how much the management trusts them, rely on them and value what they have to say, and people hearing about this, may want to join your startup.

  • Share your plan for success

Sharing your dream and selling them the dream is only the beginning. You also have to validate that there’s an opportunity to make money – for both them and the business. Be transparent and share market research details, the prospects, insights and projections. Show these to potential employees too, for they need to be convinced that there is potential here.

You may not be able to offer them a high-paying salary, but you could however, offer equity or even a chance to become a co-founder. This will definitely attract the best talent to your business.

  • Encourage current team to recruit new members

You may be enthusiastic about your startup,that may not convince many good candidates as they may not be attracted by that enthusiasm!  But, they may, however, want to hear from the people who are already involved in the journey, with the startup. And, if it’s people who are already involved, who will do the recruiting for you, it can prove to be effective.  And, the reason? They’re already sold on the idea! And they can explain very convincingly, what was it exactly that made them join your startup.

  • Showcase your culture

Showcasing your culture -your values, and vision are more important than ever. We have seen how Millennials, for example, will gladly give up a high-paying salary for a job that fits in with their lifestyle and values! Strong core values can drive smart hiring practices, increase productivity and quality of work; and that can go a long way to improve customer relationships, and boost employee morale too.

You can build your core values by – identifying shared values, demonstrating your values daily and even revisiting your values when in a crisis. And, this will give new candidates a chance to see for themselves these values in action.

  • Let your product speak for itself!

Finally, let your product or service speak for itself. Sometimes all it takes is for someone to see a product or service, and be lured quite naturally, to be a part of a business setup! A shining example is Apple – all people want to work for the company, and see how they love their iPhone or iMac! So, the secret mantra is – build a product or service that people can revolve around and, you’d be surprised at the number of people, who want to join in and be part of the fun

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