How to create an actionable offer to get purchases


Dear entrepreneur, congratulations on developing a product/service and good luck while you endeavour  to  sell your services/products to elevate your profit and earn your brand recognition!” Most people stop and sign off at this statement, I however, on behalf of sheatwork, will help you  with a few intelligent insights into how can one create an actionable offer to get purchases.

Let’s begin by understanding and acknowledging that, selling is certainly an art form that requires many different tools and talents. Once you’ve chosen the appropriate methods (e-commerce platforms being the most popular one presently) to make your product accessible to buyers, half the battle is won. The next obvious step would be to build brand awareness through marketing and convince people to visit a store, whether in person or online, to buy your product or hire the services offered by your company.

Today, the ease and speed of service together with high personalization are the main reasons behind the rapid industry growth of the E commerce market. Therefore, it is imperative that your brand/company is  digitally ‘visible’ to your prospective clients. Ensuring social media presence too goes hand in hand while promoting your business online. However, it is noteworthy that E-commerce marketing is a combination of classic techniques and cutting-edge innovations. Thus, many organizations still compete for traffic, invest in SEO heavily and rely on paid advertisements.

Through the advertisements, you can create a sense of urgency to boost  sales. For example, you can place advertisements stating the limited number of products available or announce offers for a limited time period. You may also choose to ‘upsell’, that is, the process of persuading a customer to buy more from you through popular strategies like including the “Customers also buy” or “Goes well with” products on the page of a specific product.

Once you have looped in customers and have begun to get purchases, the next important step is to keep the trend continuing. Incentivizing your customers with points will help in growth of your customer base.  Improving customer retention through referral and VIP programs and creating exclusive discounts for loyal customers are efforts which will add up to your actionable plan to get purchases.

Finally, offering free shipping to your online clients will be the final stroke played by you to encourage purchases. Indeed, including this in your plan might prove to be expensive for you, but it is an option with the most promise of increasing sales.

Before implementing any of the above mentioned strategies, you first have to have a clear understanding of what areas you want to improve and how many purchases are you ready to cater to immediately with perfection. That sorted, selling more along with an  increase in  traffic is bound to happen! Remember, adjusting your strategy in accordance with the set goals and taking on full accountability will boost sales like never before!!

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